Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jordan Maxwell interacts with the extreme fringe of reality

I just listened to an excellent interview with one of the elder statesmen of the UFO research community, Jordan Maxwell. He tells of a first person experience in his youth that I found absolutely fascinating. I am posting a short (22 minute) excerpt of this audio interview. This experience took place when he was a teenager in 1959 in North Hollywood.

one-click audio download HERE

Jordan Maxwell is an author, researcher and Lecturer in the fields of Secret Societies, Occult Philosophies and UFOs since 1959.

This first person experience from Jordan fits a pattern. It's one more in a long series of accounts told by a researcher who is digging into the extreme fringe of reality. This story is particularly comprehensive, more than some others I've heard, but it is quite close in the flavor of other stories from other researchers. Some mysterious event takes place in their youth that has a profound impact on the direction of their life. I feel that, in some small way, I too fit this pattern.

Jordan claims to have had 36 of what he calls Peak Experiences, and this is only one. He talks about others HERE. There is a companion clip posted above, equally interesting.

This interview was conducted by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of PROJECT CAMELOT in September 2009. Linked here is the interview page, the full MP3 audio file and a you-tube video.

Jordan Maxwell's homepage is linked HERE.

And - He mentions the book, The Complete Works of Charles Fort.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I find it fascinating how many of these kind of stories spawn from the Southwest of the United States; as if there was a confluence of secret opposing forces —love and hate, creation and destruction— all molding the lives and dreams of the populace.

How else can one explain there's a city honoring angels in the state of KALI-fornia? ;)

Mike Clelland! said... the City of Angels?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Yeah. Los Angeles, Kalifornia. Talk about a moral quagmire there ;)

BTW I finished hearing the complete interview, and I was hardly impressed with all the Conspiranoic spiel. The Illuminati this and the Masons that, but the worse of all are the Vatican —sure enough, this gentleman was raised a Catholic.

So kudos to you Mike, for finding the needle in that big-ass haystack ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I just love Jordan Maxwell's stuff,but I never new about his contact experiences.
So thanks for posting this audio link
...maybe a conversation with Jordan Maxwell might be very interesting,
hey Mike ?-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Such an interesting experience. So other worldly, ethereal, beautiful and sad.

I was inspired to make a little mix(electronica) with some words from Jordan and PKD. It is here if you care to have a listen: