Tuesday, January 17, 2012

first-person experiences from Lucretia Heart

Lucretia Heart has just posted a new series of essays at her SPIRALS END site. As always, they are detailed, thoughtful, well written and utterly fascinating.

Her experiences are profoundly strange, and at the same time she is eloquent and persuasive in a way that her stories come across as credible, at least to me.

This heartfelt blog contains a wealth of first-person experiences that should be read (in it's entirety) by anyone who is serious about trying to make sense of this mystery. I simply amazed at the depth of this on-going series of essays. Plus, she's funny too!


So I know I'm not the only one who has faced this odd knowledge that I've done things apparently on behalf of the aliens to other abductees. This lends another entire layer to the question of what exactly is going on. I'm human. I've grown up here. Yet I've acted on their behalf. How many times? Would I have agreed to this sort of behavior in my normal mind state if I knew the reasons? Would I think these reasons justified my actions? I don't remember enough to say yet.

This is an experience (linked below) that I have NEVER heard before in all my decades of scouring the abduction literature. There are details and implications in this story that leave me thunderstruck.

Still, they didn't notice me until I literally went up to the big window and thumped both hands on the glass. I could see them all looking up at me just completely startled. The older teen boy's reaction was far more dramatic-- he looked utterly freaked out. I'll never forget that look I saw on his face. But in that mind state, I was all business.

Recommended listening:
Lucretia Heart and I recorded an interview in November of 2010, it's linked HERE. There is over two-hours of conversation where she shares some of her challenging life experiences.


Charles Frith said...

Looking forward to the next audio interview.

Anonymous said...

~ Lucretia here:

Thanks for shout out. It has taken me decades to finally admit to some of these experiences. I appreciate knowing that someone is out there hearing me.

My hope is that somehow I'll find these people. Wouldn't that be something?