Monday, November 28, 2011

YouTube posting of one of my interviews

I just found one of my podcasts posted on YouTube. Somebody put the interview I did with Nick Redfern on his FINAL EVENS book on that site, and it got a lot of hits.

Here's a link to the YouTube posting. And here is (the complete audio version) on my own site. And just so y'know, this is a really great interview.

I have been pondering whether I should also post my audio podcasts on YouTube. I know full well that doing this would dramatically increase the number of listeners. But at the same time, I worry that this would increase the number of weirdos and trolls to my site. I'm hesitant, but at the same time it might be a good idea.

Alas, I'm conflicted. Any thoughts?

Follow up from shortly after writing the post above. Well, I went ahead and did it, as seen below.


KMG said...

That's a tough one. Knowing the sheer level of nastiness and idiocy that abounds in YouTube comments, I personally am reluctant to post anything there. Then again, I'm trying to teach myself to have a thicker skin, to not let fear of opposition or annoyance to get in my way of reaching the minority of people who might find my posts helpful.

So I guess ... are you up to dealing with trolls and idiots? If you're dealing with something draining or big in your personal life, maybe now isn't the best time. But if you feel fine and confident in your ability to handle anything negative coming your way, perhaps you should go for it. You can always put up a test video and take it down if you get sick of the traffic.

Also, many YouTube trolls won't have the patience to sit through an audio-only podcast :)

Mike Clelland! said...

I went ahead and did an audio post on the dreaded YOUTUBE. Let's see if it makes for grief or compliments.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Part of me doesn't want you to, simply because you might get many more comments on this website, and that's just the way my selfish nature operates >:)

But maybe you're meant to get more exposure. Who am I kidding right? I'm always pleased to link your posts and podcasts at TDG, which does get a lot of hits anyway.

Feel assured that your 'regulars' will be here to offer all our support, amigo ^_^

Mike Clelland! said...

Posting this YOUTUBE audio clip is sort of a test, just to see what happens.

I might have to do a few of them to get a sense of who is viewing, and if they'll make it to my site or not. I really like some of these interviews, and I am sort of disapointed by how few people visit the site.

This is compared to other sites that I think are kinda lame.

We'll see...


Tim Brosnan said...

You can turn the comments feature off for your YouTube postings, or you can set them so that comments don't appear without your approval. That said, my own few YouTube postings (this, for example: on the subject have drawn decent traffic and no troll activity at all, so it might not be the full-out war zone that some think it is.
To drive traffic to your blog site, you might consider using a single visual that directs visitors to either the Podbean launch page or your index page. As you may know, links can be embedded in YouTube videos to make it unnecessary for visitors to type URL's.
I doubt that the exposure you'll receive on YouTube will be a bad thing for anybody ... not for you, and certainly not for the cogency-starved UFO community.

Mike Clelland! said...

The comments above have some curious time stamps.

A) KMG posted at 12:34

B) RPG posted at 3:17 (the death of Osirus?)

C) Mike C posted at 3:33

D) Tim Brosnen at 7:11 (the store)