Saturday, November 26, 2011

odd events are tailored in DEEPLY personal ways

In a recent LUMINOSITY post, Dan Mitchell wrote:

"Let me state first and foremost that I have as of yet heard of no others that have described this experience on the terms that I have.”

I feel strongly that this could be said of almost anyone on this kind of path. There is a complexity and depth to Dan’s experiences that seem to match something within him. It seems that the phenomenon is meeting him in terms that he can relate to on a profound level.

When I speak to people about their direct contact experiences I always ask them about this, about how these odd events are tailored in a way that is DEEPLY personal. These folks are quick to agree, they sense these experiences are a sort of theater directed at them and their individual needs. This isn’t a universal reply, but it feels like a majority.

This get very complicated when trying to make sense of the people with dark and horrifying experiences. I can't help but feel a very real concern when I hear these grueling stories.

I also feel that the "new-age true-believers" are being honest when they say they tell of meeting angelic space brothers who hail from the Pleiades. I suspect that is EXACTLY the imagery and narrative that they're being presented with, and it seems to meet their needs.

When I ponder my own set of experiences in this framework, I see a sort of methodical odyssey. I have been given just the bare minimum of clues. This has forced me into the role of the detective, albeit and obsessive and introspective one. Strangely, this very much seems to meet my own unique needs on some deep personal level.

I used the term “new-age true-believers” in the text above, and it might come across as dismissive. I recognize that plenty of folks in this UFO research community are quick to deride this faction who claim direct contact. This sub-group is very much a part of this overall phenomenon, and it does a disservice to ignore them (or reject them with contempt, which I see a lot). To be honest, I struggle with certain claims within this rather large clique. But they bring very real clues to the table that are every bit as valid as the credentialed nuts and bolts researcher.


KMG said...

Thanks for posting this link, Mike. I read Dan's blog (the whole thing, at least what is left), and appreciated the unusual point of view he has (even when I don't agree with him). It's sad that he took down his contact info and comments function, as I have a lot of inspired thoughts I would like to share and questions I want to ask.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Greg posted a video on TDG somewhat recently about NDEs. The thing that made me more curious about it was the mentioning of a particular NDE in which the experiencer was asked which type of religious deity he wanted to interact with! He chose Jesus and so that's what he saw, but he was reminded that the religious aspect was completely subjective, and adapted to the cultural background of each individual.

Anonymous said...

'Dan Mitchell' has opened Luminosity up for comments now.

~ Susan

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that experiences are tailored. Another way of looking at it could be that we can only perceive the communication/experience through whatever terms or lens our perception has developed, relative to set, setting, and nature of the communication. my first odd experience was very nearly on that very subject, that i was seeing something i was familiar with in place of what was. though because I'm open to the experiences of anyone i find that most groups studying in these arenas have their own defined terms and dogma, to the exclusion and ridicule of other groups- though I think it's plan to see, that it's all the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Lucretiasheart here:

Although I've had some experiences that seemed "tailored" to my personal needs, very few of those were things I'd associate with what I consider to be "alien."

I've had many spiritual and "synch-wink" type of events that I feel were meeting me halfway in some respect, and I find that aspect of things fascinating.

While those high-strangeness or spiritual types of things may manifest more when I have entity or missing time events, they don't seem to be the same thing. Not quite.

The notion that abduction events that have happened to me, good or bad, were meant for me personally I find a truly devastating conclusion for anyone to hold. I've already stated my piece on this, but it starts people down the slippery slope of thinking that good people get good experiences and bad people get bad ones. And that is NOT the case, and this one thing is among the few that can inspire me to become acutely enraged.

Currently, I'm very tentatively assuming that the entity part of it is very much done for THEM as THEY like for reasons of their own very much despite us, good or bad. One class of intelligent entities simply follows a plan with an agenda. However, I also think there may well be a sort of spiritual intelligence that we're more open to after such encounters, and that THIS may sometimes indeed respond to us on a very personal level.

The problem is in the labeling. People tend to over-simplify and throw both types of intelligences into the same pool when in fact they are different (even if sometimes perhaps related, like so-called "faerie" phenomena, which I still don't know how to catagorize!) People, when faced with something they don't understand, will often interpret things in an overly-personal way. "I'm good, therefore I got these good beings associated with me-- YAY!" There's that built-in bias that occurs when people only count that which upholds their previous belief. I've scratched the surface of many a "New Age True Believer" and found many examples of negative experiences that they just didn't count, or that they blamed on someone or something else.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Lucretia Heart:

I agree, the events in my personal experience that seem tailored directly to me SEEM to be a sort of magical spiritual force, and my nudges along the path seem to be synchro-nudges.

I honestly have no idea how to wrap my mind around what may (or may not be) UFO related.

But, the synchro-nudges seem to be part of an overall awakening on my part. There "magical" experiences SEEM to be forcing me to more fully come to terms with my own life - especially the really weird parts!

Mike C!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Getting back to the NDE experiences I discussed in my first comment, most of the experiences that get publicized are the 'nice' ones with the tunnel of light and the meeting with dead relatives and the glowing entity that irradiates love. But there are also the 'negative' experiences when people actually believe they have gone to Hell (being that a concept so embedded in our psyche through our culture).

There are cases when good, decent folk experience the negative NDEs, whereas not-so-good people get the positive ones. Do we interpret that as a sign that there's a divinity out there casting judgement on all of us using a very weird system of metrics?

Or do we interpret it as a sign that sometimes good people need to experience bad things in order to learn lessons they otherwise would had had the chance to do?