Sunday, September 18, 2011

two owls crossed our path

Two days ago I saw two owls, and they both crossed my path. Click on the image for a hi-rez view.

I was driving at sunset with my friend Erika, we were driving south out of town toward my home. There is a bridge right where the highway crosses the Teton Creek just a little bit out of town, and there is a row of tall cottonwoods along this river.

Then, right above the highway we both watched the obvious silhouette of a big owl swoop across the road from left to right and toward a branch on one of the tall trees next to the road. It flapped it’s wings and it looked like it was harassing a bird on branch, and this tussle caused the other bird to take off and it flew across the road from right to left. When we saw it in flight it was obviously another owl.

So, two owls crossed our path, in two different directions.

At the time Erika and I were trying to figure out what DVD we would watch that night. One was a stand up routine by an Australian transvestite comic, the other was a presentation by investigative mythologist William Henry titled STARGATE 2012. When we saw the two owls, we both sort of declared to each other, “Well, I guess we're gunna watch the William Henry thing.”

The fact that the owls crossed my path is a sort of curios confirmation for me, and I talk about why in the beginning of this post HERE. And in that same post I tell about another odd owl crossing my path at that exact same row of cottonwoods along side Teton Creek. This was also the location of another other interesting owl sighting with it’s own blog post HERE.

Three curiously sightings of an owl crossing my path at the same spot. It’s quite probably the same owl. Now, all this said, I do live in a place with lots of owls, but still...


Red Pill Junkie said...

I also take notice that this happened at a bridge, which have a long tradition of being places of intense paranormal/supranormal manifestations.

What was the time when this happened?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

The time was about 7:30 PM, hard to know. But it was sunset twilight.

Red Pill Junkie said...

The twilight has always signified the 'bridge' or crack between the worlds.

Mike Clelland! said...

I wrote this essay as a way to catalog the experience. It might not seem like much, but all I can do is pay attention to this kind of thing.

The fact that two different owls crossed our path within mere seconds made it feel important.

Brownie said...

There are lots of crows in and around my property. They feed off the birdseed I put out, but mostly seem to hang around. This has been going on for about two years now - which is strange in that it's about the time I adopted my chihuahua Eddie, as a puppy. But, the crows have never attacked him (even when he was a tiny pup).

I just think that there are natural reasons the crows are around. I don't think they are a totem or portend any meaning in my life.

Maybe the owls are around you because, as you've noted, there are lots of owls in your neck the woods.

** I noticed you deleted your entry about the visit with the therapist and anti-psychotic meds being brought up.

You have to be careful about sharing ufo related stories with psych professionals. I knew of one experiencer who had abductions and poltergeist activity (which she caught on film and photos). She very honestly told her general practitioner (because she couldn't sleep, was exhausted from it all)...and he listened with no comment but referred her in to a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist drugged her up on an antipsychotic and an antidepressant which had side-effects that induce sleep. Her life turned into a fog of coming home from work - going to bed - getting up a few hours later to eat a bit - going back to bed - waking up and going to work.

She said she still had memories of abductions and the poltergeist activity still occured but the drugs kept her so out of it that it didn't matter to her anymore.

We lost touch (this was in an online community). Others in the group also lost touch with her. To this day, I wonder what happened to her. And, I do not believe she was mentally ill or hallucinating. But, she was treated by her doctors as if she was.

~ Susan