Sunday, September 25, 2011

lucid dream with John Keel

The late John Keel speaking in 1992

Last night I had a wonderfully pleasant dream where I was at a UFO conference, and I was delighted to meet none other than John Keel. I was eager to talk with him, and we left the big hall and walked outside together, he was engaging and smiling. We walked in a bleak desert environment with parking lots and an old gas station.

Now, I knew perfectly well that this was a dream, and I knew Mr. Keel had died, but I was very aware that I might be interacting with his spirit in this vivid dream realm.
It seemed entirely possible that this dream realm might be overlapping with the spirit realm.

I asked how he was doing, and he smiled and said: “Oh fine, just fine.”

And then I nervously asked, “Well, from where you are, and what you know, how am I doing, I mean with this ongoing research stuff?”

I can’t remember how he answered. I do know he smiled and was genuinely positive (he looked and acted exactly as in the video above). As best as I can guess, he said I was doing fine.

We went to the gas station, and he bought me a cup of coffee. I remember he counted out the change on the counter by first setting a handful of coins out, and then he magically levitated a few back up into his hand, in order to make exact change.



Red Pill Junkie said...

How old was the Keel you interacted with?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:
He seemed to be about the same age as he looked in this video (Above) from 1992.

He was born in 1930, so that would make the person I "met" in my dream about 62 years old.

Trish said...

Very cool. Next time you meet up with him, ask him if he's found out what mothman actually was!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that dream! I'd love to have a cup of coffee with John Keel in the dreamworld, overlapping afterlife or whereever!

Lucky you Mike!

~ Susan

John Burke said...

John Keel once bought me a Heineken. I love bragging about that. We were with Vicki and Don Ecker at John White's conference in North Haven, Conn. back around 1990 or 91. We went out to a bar and I was driving us in a rent-a-car. Keel bought us a round of whatever we were drinking. He did not levitate the money. He was a fascinating guy with so many great stories. It's too bad nobody made a movie about his life and times while he was still alive, so he could have some input into the project. Someday, someone will make that movie but it won't be the same without Keel's contributing (live) to the project.
-- John Burke

Suzanne said...

I agree very Mike completely with the notion that our dreams do overlap with the spirit realm. In fact, i am beginning to believe that it is also true with visitation, contact and abduction experiences

Suzanne said...

I also have been questioning the whole "time" thing, and if it really exists. If so, then maybe somehow it overlaps, enabling "things" to pop in and out of our reality.

Massimo Civita said...

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