Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a pattern and the sense of being coaxed

I’ve been distracted an uninspired for the last few months. I haven’t put much energy into this blog, and that seems fine. No need to put pressure on myself about needing to write stuff.

But there has been a curious ongoing pattern. When I do feel inspired to write something (I have a few yet to be posted essays in the works) I’ll sit down, open up my word processing program and start typing. And within minutes, and sometime seconds, there will be an audible ping from my computer telling me that I’ve just received an email.

These emails will say something like this: I’ve been reading your blog, something about it inspired me to write you - and - I’ve had very similar experiences.

When I get letters like this, I’ll make the effort to connect, and the one-on-one conversations have been hugely gratifying for me. My energy seems low, but something out there is coaxing me further down the path.

This happened just this morning, as I was starting a post about my memories, and friendship, with Budd Hopkins. This pattern is unmistakable, and really curious. It feels like I’m being encouraged, or maybe even rewarded somehow.


Red Pill Junkie said...

'Coaxed' seems to have such a negative connotation. Wouldn't it be better to use 'encouraged' instead?

Or maybe you are deliberately choosing the former for a reason. Do you feel you're being led to do things you don't really want to do?

Rif/Ryan said...

Hi! I too have become aware of the patterns. "Coaxed" is polite way to describe how the PTB prodded me to end up at my destiny...

In brief, I've used synchronocity as way to expand my perception of reality. this is creating some interesting new developments, such as receiving a 23 mil dollar budget for my dream film. I'm hoping the story becomes a template for others to accomplish similar dreams. I'd love for you to read it, and offer any and all feedback on the interface. As it's pretty weird.

Thanks either way, Ryan.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

I used my thesaurus to look up the word "reassure" and in that list came the word "coax" and that seemed to match the feeling better.

You asked:
"Do you feel you're being led to do things you don't really want to do?"

My reply:
I have no idea. I "FEEL" that the synch-weirdness is a sign that I'm on the right path.

Or maybe that it's an response from "them" to reward me for writing these blog posts. I realize that kind of outside influence must sound insane, but it is a very real feeling inside me.

Raj said...

Things like this happen to me too. It's very strange, but weirdly gratifying.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I agree on that. If anything, synchronicities serve to give people a little injection of hope :)

Michael said...

I have a friend who likes to regard every pattern in his life as coincidence, statistics at the fringes, but I enjoy the patterns and think they're real. If you look at it that way, they're inspiring.

I just got off a solid month of miserable things happening to me (cascading medical problems, my mother dying, etc), but I was bright through it all, knowing it was just a pattern, and that it would break eventually, which it did.

Look for the bright things in your life. If they don't seem bright, you're just looking at them wrong. They don't have a life of their own: they are what you make them. Make them positive, then.

tinyjunco said...


this whole strand of the push/pull to perform certain actions related to the spread of ideas is one aspect of this phenom i'd be more than thrilled to learn more about. i've had more of the 'make it easy' or 'positive impulse' facets of this compulsion (ever since my NDE).

but i wonder where is the line between these easier, more positive emotion type experiences and the descriptions of people in, for example, "The Mothman Prophecies" who said they'd been 'used'? many of these contactees describe blackouts of amnesiac sessions where, apparently, they were 'controlled' and ended up passing on a letter or performing some other function not of their choosing. during some of my more 'synchronistic' events (like the birthday cigarettes), my left/talking/thinking brain was not much in evidence at all.

more questions... but i am glad when i see you've posted!! ;) steph

Anonymous said...

this coaxing happens to me somewhat regularly. synchronicities happen and a path opens up that was very clearly closed on several sides. There was a period when it was continuous and I felt I had to let go and let the coincidences guide me. I called it the loop, the syncromystics call it the flow. I came upon dr. lilly's research, which describes an intelligence guiding humanity through coincidence, you might find interesting. the movie altered states is based on him.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Ah! "Altered States." Good WTF movie that one ;)

Based also on the books by Castañeda. It also gives a new twist to the idea of the "glass sarcophagus" that Mike explored in his Evolutionary Triad posting.