Sunday, May 15, 2011

Christopher Knowles on AstroGnostic reality

The ultimate trip.

I need to recommend a series of posts on THE SECRET SUN. This multi-part set of essays, written by Christopher Knowles, attempts to unravel nightmares, alien abduction and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Basically, these topics can all be seen under the umbrella of the evolutionary transformation of the human species.

Read the series in this order, the PREQUEL, Part ONE, Part TWO and Part THREE.

Or, click on THE SECRET SUN, scroll down to the April 25th post, and read your way back up the page to the March 14th essay.

The first installment of this series of blog postings dealt with the plasticity of memory, focusing on the vivid memories from Mr. Knowles' childhood, these were were either nightmares or hallucinations, many of which had strands of commonality with abduction experiences.

The second part looks at weird strands of commonality within many classic abduction reports, which is to say, pre-Communion, pre-Intruders. As many have pointed out they're remarkably similar to folk stories of encounter with elves and fairies. As Mr. Knowles points out, they have an even stronger similarity to ancient encounters with the Gods.

The third installment looks at Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, the first of the great Hollywood tributes to the ancient engineers. Mr. Knowles argues that none of the symbolic interpretations of the film are as dangerous as what's being presented onscreen. Master manipulator that he was, Kubrick might well have planted all kinds of symbols and distractions while the truly subversive message of the film are hidden in plain sight.

Read Kubrick's own words on attempting to portray an alien otherness using cinema, HERE and HERE.

The great Jack Kirby taps into the psychedelic Noosphere.



Anonymous said...

Lucretia here. I've checked out The Secret Sun and related sites. Very interesting!

Many of the areas that Knowles is exploring are certainly ones that I've found myself wondering about (although I wasn't aware of the comic book references). Worth checking out, too.

My only "bitten-lip moment" so far is using the one incident with the Australian woman where she was physically present in front of researchers at the same time she insisted she was actually aboard an alien ship... That was one incident in how many?

People HAVE witnessed beings and ships being present in the physical sense. Even touched the beings and objects-- while perfectly conscious and before witnesses. So while the idea that people can get "zapped" into having hallucinations is certainly possible, I don't think it covers the entire reality of the abduction phenomenon and all its related mysteries.

I do think the Other Intelligence (whatever it is) can create images in people's minds. I've experienced this myself. I've also watched the "cover image" melt away to show a reality beneath. And, as I've noted, I have reached out and TOUCHED them many times, because I've learned not to trust my eyes due to this projected hallucination thing.

That mental manipulation is happening is beyond doubt for me. To what extent it shows that there is no reality but for an ultra-dimensional one (or one projected by ultra-dimensionals) is still up for debate.

Again, this is a case where a guy who had high fevers and possible DMT mind trips is projecting his own personal experiences to cover vast ranges of things that may be unrelated. I have to admit I resent that just a little. Just because he had mind-trips that seem a LITTLE like alien abductions doesn't mean all alien abductions (or whatever these experiences are) are mind-trips and nothing more.

I appreciate the interesting informational loop-de-loops he goes through. As I said, very enjoyable and mind-stretching stuff. I suppose I just get tired of hearing that things that happen in THIS reality don't count because they can be so much like some other unreal mental experience. Can't both be true? Why is it so important to put one above the other? Maybe there are inter-reality experiences AND physical ones in THIS reality.

Moving beyond that, though-- I wanted to share with you something that fits with the whole idea of Greys being Watchers left behind by some other Intelligence (which is returning according to legends!) and that is a line I remember very clearly hearing once when I asked a Grey (as a teenager) what he was. His exact answer was, "We are the men from the lunar sky." And a lot of abductees have been told there's a Grey base up there. Interesting, no?

Trish said...

Thanks for posting. Will check out the links, Mike. Wow, how I loved 2001!

muzuzuzus said...


IF I can feel out of the body and see my physical body and things going on around it I couldn't possibly know IF I were just my brain, such as in NDEs, and OBEs, then why not can I not be 'in' the body and aware and experience an alien reality 'out' of the body while I am 'in', like the woman is supposed to have reported above? WHO can answer this question?? ;)))

Red Pill Junkie said...

It's a difficult problem, because I've personally experienced lucid dreams where I've 'touched' objects and persons and my mind interprets the electrical impulses of the dream state just the same as this other reality —which could very possibly be just another dream state of a different kind— one that takes more effort to wake up from.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

There is a huge difference between a lucid dream and an
Out-of-body-experience,believe me (or don't).
I would say an OBE is as different from a lucid dream as a lucid dream is as different from waking reality.
If you think an OBE is similar to a lucid dream,then you haven't had an OBE.

muzuzuzus said...

I agree. We are not saying it is 'better' but it is distinct.

Red Pill Junkie said...

LOL I'll take you on your word, Briz ;)

But in the end, aren't we talking about modulations in non-ordinary consciousness experiences? some more immersive than others? I remember something I once saw in a movie, how anesthesiologists know that to put a patient down to sleep for a procedure needs just a very mild 'steps down' of the consciousness ladder, and yet many more steps remain in the ladder.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

My point about OBE's,as opposed to lucid dreams is that I hear a lot of people talking about OBE's as if they are not sure if they were dreaming,or having an OBE.You know if you have an OBE,because it is as real as you sitting at your computer and reading this sentence are you just dreaming this...or is it as real as any experience you have ever had in your life?
If we talk about pain
(an experience generated in the mind,like any other sensation we experience in life,I guess),would you know the difference between dreaming that you were being kicked in the nuts,and actually being kicked in the nuts?
My guess is that you would definitely know the difference.
And it is the same for an OBE,you don't think that you might of had one,you know that you had one.
It's like trying to tell a person born blind at birth,all about the wonders of sight,and them telling you,"well,maybe you're just imagining that your seeing things"

Put it this way,try telling a woman in labour that she is only having an immersive experience of consciousness.I'm sure she will remember that experience for the rest of her life,and she will definitely know she wasn't dreaming it...and so will you when she kicks you in the nuts,to share the immersive experience with you .-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

My balls are swelling just by reading this :P

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Sorry about all the
"kicking in the nuts"
examples above,but I was raised on "America's Funnest Home Videos",and it has taught me that if I use those sort of examples to try and get a point across,and that doesn't work.Then a least it will get a laugh
from the audience,and maybe a home stereo system,as well *-)

Anya said...

Mike, you should know that the basis for all of my love of interior design can be brought back to that single iconic image in 2001 of the lit-from-below floor with the monolith in an alien's approximation of a Late Baroque bedroom. The glamor and psychology of it all! It's like catnip for me. I've been trying for years to achieve that tightrope act of a room and it's freakin' hard, man.

Red Pill Junkie said...


LOL I know what you mean. I love to watch all that sequence with aging Bowman sitting in his little dining table with a very proper etiquette.

I give huge props for the set designers in that movie. That plexiglass floor must have cost a fortune! It was worth it though, even though I'm not sure one would be comfortable living in a space with NO shadows ;)

The new TRON movie did a fairly good homage to the 2001 hotel room BTW