Friday, September 10, 2010

correspondence with people sharing their stories

One of the most powerful things that has happened since starting this blog is that people have been sharing their life experiences with me. Over the last few days, I've been corresponding with a person (who's name will remain private, for purposes here, I'll call him Sam), and the encounters he shares are astounding, and at the same time maddeningly typical. Below is my reply to him, edited slightly.


I just read (and re-read) your messages to me. Let me say that EVERYTHING you've written, I've heard already, either first hand or in the literature.

And some of it fits into my own memories and experiences. The one thing that I feel SO strongly about is this underlying sense of mission, this is something that you and others have mentioned. I wallow in it, and it has created compulsive behavior in me. I don't know what to make of it. I recognize how delusional this might sound, but I have this deep and profound sense that SOMETHING is happening that is of monumental importance. And, I find that this "feeling" gets confirmed over and over and over by people who I interact with.

I have been reaching out a little bit, but more than that, people have been finding me. And the stories that emerge are SO similar. These shared stories create an undeniable pattern.

I struggle with trying to understand "
my role here" and in doing so, it seems that I generate more people contacting me. Maybe that IS my role? I am perfectly baffled. I am deeply aware that each and every person who tells me their experiences are dealing with something that is profoundly personal. Somehow, the experiences seem tailored to them - and them alone.

Peace and strength to you my friend,
Mike C!
I was clicking thru my blogger dashboard and I just found a way to see all my blog postings in a list. This one here is the one-hundred-and-twenty-third post. Yes, that's 123.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear about your new contact. The more people you have to compare and contrast events/experiences between, the more colorful and interesting the thoughts that are provoked, and the more dynamic the ideas that are generated!

Thanks to your gentle yet eager curiosity and open mindedness, I finally got that push to start sharing more of my most controversial memories. You're very good at nurturing people's confidence to express themselves about these issues.

Every once in a while, as with the "why do the ALIENS say they are here?" post, I venture an idea about what's behind it. But for the most part just having the courage to dare to tell my secrets is a big deal for me, and you helped me get there. Thanks so much again. =^)

(I posted my latest such entry on Sep. 3rd in LJ, and will soon post for last Friday this weekend. Or hit "paranormal" tag on my LJ of course.)

Laney Kayy said...

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