Tuesday, August 10, 2010

audio conversation with Christopher Knowles

My first audio interview was posted over a year ago, and it featured the insights of Christopher Knowles. Now he's back and we go at it for almost two hours. This guy has an amazing blog with tons of cool ideas, but he also has a very real gift as a conversationalist.

The core topic of our dialogue is the blurring of UFOs and pop culture. We also explore the strange murmurings from the grand power structure and how it seems to be reflecting an anxiety directly related to some impending event. Both of us try and wrap our minds around some real-deal concepts at the edge of these already edgy ideas.
audio download / 2 hours long

NOTE: If the audio link is finicky, try refreshing this page. Or, to download directly to your hard-drive, simply click on the divShare logo (at the right) and then click on the big button labeled "Download"

From there we branch off to talk about the immense power of the creative process, the new age movement, the great Jack Kirby, the News that Churchill quashed a UFO report, Gene Roddenberry, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The New Age movement, The Da Vinci Code, Whitley Streiber and the cover of Communion, resonance, the Vatican and extraterrestrials, The Royal Society ET summit, Behold a Pale Horse, the total collapse of trust in the news media, Stephen Hawking, The Brookings Institute UFO report, Jules Verne, Jacques Vallee, the real threat alien possibility poses to the status quo, the constant drumbeat of space news and cosmic awareness, digital photography and the recent sightings epidemic, universal creation myths of sky gods, the Ancient Astronaut Theory and the religious right, the power of stories and much, much, much more.

Here is Chris, photographed with the nefarious (and Canadian) cigarette smoking man. The curious blurring is obviously due to electromagnetic interference from a parallel dimension.

I strongly implore you to listen to the podcast from last summer (click HERE). And, please check-out Chris Knowles' excellent blog, The Secret Sun. And his cool book too: OUR GODS WEAR SPANDEX.

Modern mythology, alternate history and pop-cult symbology.


Anonymous said...
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Red Pill Junkie said...

Holy Moley! You guys covered a lot of ground there, didn't ya?

I like Chris. Back when Tim Binnall was asking his audience for feedback on whom to interview about pop culture & esoterica, I was one of the people that e-mailed him & suggested Chris —so Chris, you still owe me 5 dollars ;)

PS: Mike, was that last minute of the audio a message to the mothership?? :-P

Anonymous said...

Very interesting as it gives a clearer view of what is going on around us

Vicnaustin said...

Fantastic! Thanks for covering so much! I'm going back for a second listen.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Listening to the interview for a second time, I noticed that you Mike mentioned you were friend of some of the scientists currently looking for proof of ancient Martian life, on the meteorites that fell on Antarctica.

I was just wondering if you've ever discussed with these scientists some of the stuff about your interest in UFOs and your own experiences.

Anonymous said...

That was great, Mike. Hearing you and Chris together was quite revealing about both your perspectives.

Also, thanks for the musical number at the end. I like it when there is stuff hidden in the credits, so to speak.

Justin Russell said...

Goood effort there Mike. Thanks very much for conducting and uploading this interview.

Brizdaz said...

Great interview,Mike.Glad to hear the "2001: A Space Odyssey" conversation (I love Kubrick movies, and the undercurrents in his movies),and glad to hear some of where Chris is coming from,too.
(all angles,apparently.-)
I would love to hear his take on Stephen King and his novel "IT",with all his pop psychology based around modern day (and not so quite modern day) images of fear.