Saturday, May 9, 2020

Hidden Experience audiobook, now available—read by the author

now available
The audiobook is now available for Hidden Experience. The subtitle is A Memoir of Owls, Synchronicity and UFO Contact.

  audiobook linked HERE  

I read this book aloud, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had to re-live so much doubt and denial. Reading my own words meant playing the role of actor, performing as myself, and quite literally re-living a profoundly challenging chapter of my life.

I am proud of this book, and my own courage for following through with such an introspective project.

Eight minutes and thirty seconds

And, long time reader Red Pill Junkie read the foreword, and he has a much better voice than I do! Listen int he player below.

15 minutes and 34 seconds

Also, I need to thank Suzanne Chancellor for her role as both editor and therapist. Without her listening ear, this book could never have happened.

  link to the book on Amazon 
I have 25 coupons for a FREE version of the Hidden Experience audiobook. This offer requires a membership with Audible, and unfortunately, it only applies in the US. All I ask is to add a review on either the Audible site, or on Amazon.

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