Monday, August 5, 2019

important story missing from the new book!

missing pages — click on the image for a high rez-view

One important post never made it to the first edition of my new book Hidden Experience!

For anyone who bought the paperback book book before July 19, you will need to download and print this single page. It can be folded and added to the book!

  Download a PDF of a single page HERE  


  You can read the original blog post HERE  

The story involves a floating or and a hooting own, seen and heard simultaneously on a desert night in Utah back in 2011.

This gets story is referenced several times in other parts of the book, and it plays a vital role in the chapter title My Confirmation Event. All print and kindle editions purchased after July 19 have this short story included.

If you purchased a Kindle version before July 19 just "refresh" the file and it will re-upload with the revised version! A few typos got cleaned up too!

If anyone has self-published their own book, they'll understand this oversight. There is a lotta stuff that all needs to come together to create a book, so please forgive my mistake.

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