Friday, June 28, 2019

Hidden Experience, now available as a paper book!

a decade in the making
Yippee! My self-published memoir is now available as a paperback.

In honor of the big event, I’m offering it at a discounted price for the first ten days!
  Link to the book!  
Here’s some of the promotional text I have on the amazon page:
This is a collection of the most vital posts from Hidden Experience, yes this blog. It’s a roller coaster journey of doubts and fears as I wrestle with UFOs, missing time, synchronicities and owls. The story that unfolds is scary, mysterious, disturbing—and at times funny. It’s an insight into the strange challenges of otherworldly contact. Confronting the darkest unknowns ultimately lead to an awakening of consciousness. This is the personal journey from the author of the groundbreaking books The Messengers and Stories from The Messengers.
This book was self published. It was also a book with a lot of pictures and plenty of formatting requrements! This meant a long list of things to solve for the ebook and paperback version. The last six months of my life were consumed with an endless nuber of tiny chalenges. I watched a whole lotta YouTube videos with titles like “How to format an index on Word for Mac”.

Two versions done, a third to go! The audiobook should be available soon!


Chris said...

Great. Looking forward to audio book. I did buy on Kindle but so much to read that it doesn't get done. More chance of getting to it as a audio book!

Red Pill Junkie said...

I'm really glad Hidden Experience will get its transmutation into old-fashioned ink and paper :)