Tuesday, November 6, 2018

best owl photo ever...

the owl is a symbol
click on the image above for a HI-Rez view


Chris said...

Great photo

Anonymous said...

Like the cover of your book!
It looks kind of like a ghost... remember in the film ET when ET dresses up as a ghost for Halloween.. under a sheet with just his eyes showing through the holes in the fabric?
The hooded outline ... the eyes showing..
Cool photo

SILVIAU said...

HI.owls are symbols...ok. but very similar to a grey 👽 or not!?

Roadscrape88 said...

I'm not at Mike's level, but I am a lifelong hiker and backpacker with my share of strange and wonderful encounters in the wilderness. One of the most memorable was hiking down a trail at night when both of our flashlights failed (1970s). Being mid spring with leaves out full under truly huge trees (Sipsey Wilderness, AL) it was pitch black - in winter starlight would have provided enough ambient light to make out the trail.

We heard a bard owl hoot loudly in an old beech tree just off the trail. We could hear the wind come off the wings as "he" (? who knows? I'm a lazy writer) landed on a limb just down trail. We walked towards the owl. The event repeated itself 6-7 times over the course of about 1.5 miles. We arrived at the creek which was wide enough to provide a nice view of the stars. However, we didn't hear or see the owl after we found the campsite.

The other day while driving back from a hike in the north Georgia mountains, just past Wolf Pen Gap a bard owl swooped over the road right in front of me into a stand of tall old trees just downhill from the curvy mountain road. The owl banked into a turn and landed on a limb right next to the road just downhill from the next turn. As I hit the turn, the owl on the limb was on level with my head and turned towards me as I watched him while driving into the low speed hairpen curve. I had turned to watch the road, mindful there are big owls watching me.

Bill in Roswell (GA)

Smart_Margauz said...

wonderful blog and I find your photo wonderful and I do agree that this is the best Owl photo ever. Big thanks.