Monday, January 22, 2018

interview about the new book on Mysterious Universe

Robbie Graham
Robbie Graham takes a break from preparing for his upcoming talk in Arizona to post an interview about owls. We did a rather in depth Q and A last week and now it's posted it on the Mysterious Universe site.  This is a nice overview of the upcoming book, STORIES FROM THE MESSENGERS, due out very soon.

Robbie was in the auditorium and saw me give a presentation in Leeds back in 2014. Afterwards he said something that I 've heard a few times after other talks. He described how people in the audience would visibly flinch at something I would say from the lectern. This tells me that what I am trying to address in this research is real. People are having these experiences and are left baffled.

Below is a short excerpt from the interview with Robbie.
There comes a point in all this where the logical thinker is going to hit a brick wall. The experiences simply aren’t logical, so you end up with a dilemma. I’ve found, for myself, I want to climb over that wall and see what is on the other side, and that means abandoning logic. Or, maybe it's better to say being content with an illogical data set.
  one-click link to the Mysterious Universe interview HERE  
author and book

Thursday, January 18, 2018

owl and fox meet

simply glorius!

A snowy owl and a red fox were caught on a security camera on January 4, 2018 in the town of Cobourg Ontario. The full video is 3:23 minutes long, and every second it amazing (at least to me).

There is something so playful about this, and that alone makes it worth watching. But one detail stood out to me, this encounter took place in front of the Greek letter Phi. I suspect is nothing more than a stylized bike rack, but the symbol has a second meaning. Phi is also used as a symbol for the golden ratio (or golden section).

Phi also represents the golden number 1.618, and this is used to create the golden rectangle. The name Phi is generally said to acknowledge Phidias, a 5th century B.C. sculptor and mathematician of ancient Greece, who created sculptures for the Parthenon and Olympus.

The owl lands and sits
 in the the shadow of Phi!

Believe me when I say I got all fixated on the curving spiral pattern left by the fox as it walked around the owl. As far as I can tell, the fox never made the true golden spiral, but it was still fun to watch.

The Golden Spiral

Any hidden meaning? Well, earlier in the day I thought about a nice guy I met in England named Phi. We chatted for a little while at a UFO conference in Leeds, and he helped explain the UK train website. I saw him two years in a row. I have no idea why he popped int my head, but this was the video I found later that same day.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

coming soon

the follow up book
After over two years of work, the companion to The Messengers is nearing. Just so you all know, I will announce the publication when it happens—and it'll be happening soon!

As it looks now, it should be around 270 pages. There will be 19 chapters, each with a deeply personal story of owls and UFOs. I am excited and proud of every single chapter.

I am eternally grateful to the brave people who’ve let me tell their stories. They’ve entrusted me with something sacred, their life experiences, and I take this responsibility very seriously. This book is a result of their openness, honesty and faith. Without their sincerity, this book would not have been possible.

 audio reading of Chapter 17