Thursday, May 25, 2017

MUFON update

One week after Jan Harzan's tepid statement on the MUFON website, John Ventre has been removed as State Director for Pennsylvania. For some context on this post, see HERE.
follow up information
Facebook posting from author Lon Strickler, from Fri May 26 2017

Public Statement from Race Hobbs, Program Director of the KGRA Digital Broadcasting Station:
As of 9am CST this morning, with a heavy heart, I have made the decision, after 10 years of service to the organization of MUFON, I have tendered my resignation...

It is my intent to express my appreciation and admiration for the MUFON organization, and for the fine people involved; many of whom I have truly cherished working alongside over the years.

However, it is my feeling that MUFON leadership has shown a lack of proactive engagement regarding a recent incident involving Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre, and his personal views as expressed via social media. Ventre’s sentiments do not, and cannot be allowed to be misconstrued as representative of this organization, due to a fundamental lack of action on part of its leaders.

This is my sole reason for choosing to leave MUFON, and I remain indebted for the experience and opportunities I have been afforded during my period of membership. Race Hobbs

NOTE: MUFON UFO Radio has been removed from the KGRA Roster and they have just been notified.


John Burke said...

Jan Harzan should appoint Ventre as MUFON's Nordic - Aryan intermediary.
Who knows? It might provoke a response from the Nordics, consisting of a public statement that they want nothing to do with Ventre or MUFON.

Anonymous said...

To John Burke:

Since you post anonymously, could you kindly direct people to a link as to who you are? The link below says that John Burke passed away in 2010:

I am posting anonymously, but am not using another person's name who was a prominent researcher.

John Burke said...

Hey, "Anonymous" --

I am obviously not posting anonymously because I am using my real name.
Although this might come as a shock to you, John Burke is a common name.

Why should I provide you with more information about who I am, when you are posting anonymously? Nobody else as found it necessary to direct such a question to me. Think about that.