Sunday, October 16, 2016

asking to see an owl, but seeing a UFO instead

"Like a tear in the sky..."
My friend Jack had a remarkable experience just as he was on the last few pages of my book The Messengers

He sent me this message on the evening of Sept 14:
Earlier tonight I asked and wished I would see an owl while at work. Within minutes of doing so I saw a strange looking light in the sky, I looked away for less than a second and it was gone!
We spoke shortly after the experience and he described seeing a stationary lighted “dash” just sitting in the sky. This was near an airport, and his first thought was it might be a plane, but right in that moment he realized it wasn’t like any aircraft he had ever seen. He watched this glowing object for about 10 seconds before it vanished.

Jack messaged his partner Suzanne moments after the sighting, and that text is time stamped 6:49 p.m. And he messaged me at 10:48 p.m., right when he finished the book.

During our conversations and messaging, Jack used the words wishing, asking, hoping, and expecting when describing his desire to see an owl.

Jack wrote: “I was scanning light posts and building roof tops half expecting to eye one. The sky was a very dark blue, not yet black. As I turned the corner I gave up on the notion [of seeing an owl] and suddenly saw the light.”

He described it as a "dash" but felt it was more, "like a tear in the sky... like if you had a dark piece of fabric with a tear in it with a bright flash light behind it."

Jack said, “I was on the last few pages [of your book] when I saw it. This sighting happened just moments after asking to see an owl.”

This is remarkable to me. Jack was wishing he would see an owl, and seconds later he saw a UFO instead, and just as he was finishing my book.

Jack is even in the book a few times! One amazing event was that we both had a very similar grizzly bear dream on the same night (linked HERE).

I have a handful of accounts from people who had the reverse experience, having wished to see a UFO and then seeing an owl instead. I even have a few where people heard an owl hooting, and they saw a UFO when they looked in the direction of the sound. I've also had a lot of accounts of people seeing an owl while reading the book or listening to my recorded voice talking about owls. I even have one account of a guy seeing an owl fly by his windshield while driving, then moments later seeing a saucer shaped craft, all while listening to my voice talking about owls and UFOs.

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Lucretia Heart said...

(Ack! Please delete my last comment. Too many mistakes!)

After years of talking about and comparing notes and feelings on owls and UFOs and aliens (or whatever they are!) I have one niggling question that I sometimes pause over:

Why is it that some symbols and related events/synchronicities hit the "shivery weird" personal button for some but not for others?

For instance, I've had strange owl encounters, both real and as screen memories, and yet I'm not avidly "into" owls! That's weird to me.

However, my shivery weird button IS triggered by other icons. For me, black rabbits and ravens make me perk up and go "Wha...?" I find an odd emotional connection with those symbols, but not owls!

I can totally understand a fascination with owls. I mean-- its so obvious and fits all the mythologies! So why is my reaction so oddly subdued? I've wondered on and off about that for some time now.

I suspect... that since the screen memory transmission was 'blown' in my case (I saw thru the disguise using logic at the time it happened) that I see owls as Tricksters, rather than as Guides, and so I am perhaps a little leery, and don't want to enter into a spiritual relationship with them. I think I 'deny' them in the old fashioned sense of the word. I seem to subconsciously attempt to dismiss their importance, because I am unable to trust them. I think a part of me felt betrayed by 'owl energy' from that long ago experience and now my ability to find wonder is TAINTED!

Have you run into anyone else with an 'Owl Denial Complex' like mine? I feel like my ability to be find the mystical in owls has been ruined. LOL! Even knowing there's more there! Owls are cool to me like a hawk is cool, or a bat. Does any of that make sense?