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transcript of a hypnosis session

I had a hypnosis session back in the summer of 2014. I wrote about this at the time, and that post is linked HERE. This was a past life regression conducted by London based therapist Lorraine Flaherty. I've since had a transcription made from the audio recording.

My hopes with this session were to address the source of my bouts of clinical depression, and the results were extremely therapeutic. I experienced key moments in what seemed to have been a past life, and a very sad death. There was a distinct change in the quality of my life that began right when I opened my eyes after the session. 

This was not a hypnosis session where we tried to retrieve UFO memories. The intent was to explore past lives to help relieve current issues. It was only at the end of the session that Loraine brought up the UFO subject. I have included the transcript of that portion below.

Within the first few minutes of the hypnotic induction, Lorraine asked me if there was anyone else (or any other energy) in the room, I said yes. She brought this up again later in the session, and for the next 25 minutes she asked me questions and I gave my answers. This time was focused on my UFO experiences. Reading this and hearing the audio has been fascinating. I cannot in anyway vouch that what I said is true, but it feels truthful. It may not be a literal truth, but more a metaphoric kind of honesty. 

Here is a 35 minute long audio excerpt of the session

the UFO dialog

Lorraine:    While we're here in this space, as you mentioned earlier, there may have been an energy that was currently in your energy field that didn't belong to you. I'm just going to ask for that energy to make themselves known to you now. And as you do that, what are you aware of?

Mike:   I don’t know. Alien?

L:    Does alien have a name?

M:   Quentar.
(Right in the moment I realized how cheezy that sounded)
L:    I want you ask Quentar what is it that he's doing in your energy field?

M:   Guiding.

L:    Where is he from?

M:   From like, somewhere else. Like, not here

L:    And why is it that Quentar is in your energy field guiding you? Why specifically?

M:   It’s something important.

  This is a long essay,  
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L:    What is it that’s important?

M:   Fate. 

L:    And what about fate?

M:   Like, big, big, grand collective fate. 

L:    What is the big grand collective fate?

M:    Humanity.

L:    What is it about humanity?

M:   Dying. 

L:    What is Quentar's message? What is it that he’s guiding you to do?

M:   Tell stories. 

L:    Yeah...

M:   My heart is killing me right now.

L:    What's happening to your heart?

M:   It's just painful.
(It really was painful, but only for the moment to address these few questions)
L:    Ask Quentar, why is your heart hurting? What's this about?

M:   Burden.

L:    This burden, have you been carrying this through many lifetimes?

M:   I don't know.

L:    Ask Quentar, what does he say?

M:   Yes.

L:    And is it time to relieve that burden now?

M:   No.

L:    When will be the time for you to be relieved of that burden?

M:   When my job is done.

L:    What is the job that needs to be done?

M:   Save humanity.

L:    What are these stories that you need to be telling.

M:   Symbolic.

L:    Symbolic of what?

M:   Ascension.

L:    What is it you need to be teaching or sharing about ascension?

M:   Vital. 

L:    What needs to happen in order for people to achieve it?

M:   Let go.

L:    And what is it they need to let go of?

M:   Everything.

L:    What's the best way for them to be able to do that?

M:   Shock.

L:    What kind of shock?

M:   Existential. Upsetting the table.

L:    And in doing that, upsetting the table, providing that shock, what will emerge from that?

M:   Something very new. 

L:    And what will that new thing be?

M:   Survival.

L:    Why is it that you've been chosen to do this?

M:   Because I'm doubting.

L:    What is it that you're doubting?

M:   The reality of it.

L:    And what is your connection to Quentar. 

M:   It's me

L:    I want you to ask Quentar about the experiences that you've had, when you were younger at the age of 12. What was it that happened to you when time went missing?

M:   A sign, an awakening.

L:    What specifically happened to you?

M:   I died. I think that's metaphoric.

L:    Where were you taken in that time?

M:   I want to say about fifty feet above the neighborhood.

L:    Then what happened?

M:   I get that it’s pretty bad.

L:    Who was it that took you?

M:   I don't know.

L:    Why was it that you were taken?

M:   I'm good at something. 

L:    What was it that you were good at?

M:   Being honest.

L:    Why was that a reason to take you?

M:   Because that's their need out there. 

L:    So is it necessary for you to know exactly the details for what happened to you when you were gone?

M:   No! (said strongly)

L:    Then it’s more important to focus on the reason why. What was it that they were hoping to achieve by taking you?

M:   To take my sperm.

L:    Why was it that they needed to do that.

M:   I don't know. Like a test or an obligation or a duty?

L:    An obligation or duty to who?

M:   To whatever their agenda is.

L:    What was it that that sperm was used for?

M:   Making... Something to do with hybrids.

L:    I want you to ask Quentar if you do have hybrids offspring somewhere in outer space?

M:   Yes.

L:    How many?

M:   24. 

L:    What's the significance of this for you?

M:   That it's real.

L:    And at any point have any of these 24 tried to contact you, or been in contact with you in any way?

M:   No.

L:    I want you to ask Quentar about the other experiences that you had where you missed time or other experiences when you were out seeing that structure near the rocks. 
(this structure is a reference to my March 10th 2013 confirmation experience)
M:   Important?

L:    Why was it important?

M:   Because of the role I had to play.

L:    And what's that role.

M:   To be honest.

L:    And what does that look like you need to be honest about?

M:   Symbology.

L:    What's the most important aspect of this symbology?

M:   That it's real.

L:    And what's the most important aspect of this symbology that you need to focus on?

M:   The sun.

L:    And what about the sun?

M:   It's fractured or it's multi-layered.

L:    And is it necessary to bring that into alignment? Is that part of what needs to happen?

M:   I don't think alignment. More that both need to be real.

L:    And so the experience that you had in the tent when you were levitating, why don't you just check and tell me what that was about.

M:   Science? Or assignment?

L:    What was the assignment?

M:   More sperm I think.

L:    Is this something that you had agreed to before you came down into this lifetime?

M:   Yes.

L:    What was the purpose of it?

M:   Change humanity.

L:    And how is this particular assignment going to change humanity?

M:   It's required.

L:    And it's required for what purpose?

M:   For everyone.

L:    And what's to be the outcome of this particular assignment?

M:   A better human.

L:    And can we just check with him; does this also potentially mean a greater understanding of emotions in those hybrid children the world would have never been experienced by these races; these others.

M:  I don’t know, I get the feeling that that's beyond it. Or not even that important.

L:    And so the experience that you had, when you were in the house in Maine; what was that connected to?

M:   Saving my life.

L:    In what way were they saving your life?

M:   I was on the edge of suicide.

L:    And so again I want you to check those experiences that you had of the deep sadness and the states of depression; is that all part of this test as well, the agreement that you agreed to experience those intense lows for some reason?

M:   They got out of control.

L:    What is it that you need to be aware of now in order to ensure that you don't find yourself going into that place again?

M:   Faith.

L:    Faith in what?

M:   Myself.

L:    What needs to happen in order for you to really trust; to really have faith?

M:   Abandonment.

L:    Was abandonment something you've chosen to experience?

M:   No, it’s like I'm locked away from abandonment.

L:    In this space where you are surrounded by your soul family, including a part of your self, an aspect of your soul’s energy. Can you see that actually not at any time are you ever alone, or are you ever abandoned; there are always souls, can you see that you are never alone? And that there are always souls and even other aspects of your self that love you, support you, and are there for you?

M:   Yes.

L:    Does Quentar have a message for you about this?

M:   Live.

L:    What's the most important thing that you need to focus on? What is it that Quentar tells you that you need to focus on?

M:   Being alive. 

L:    As you move forward in this space of allowing yourself to be fully alive, what is it that he most wants you to be aware of?

M:   The staircase.

L:    What's significant about that staircase?

M:   It goes deeper.

L:    Check with him whether this is something your'e going to be able to explore or revisit on your own to be able to use that staircase? Is it going be safe for you to do that on your own, or is it best to have guidance?

M:   I see him shrugging. (inaudible mumbling)

L:    Now that you've been able to connect with him and to acknowledge him, I want you to check whether you'll be able to communicate with him more easily in the future?

M:   I'm seeing like a cement bunker.

L:    What's the significance of the cement bunker.

M:   It’s at the bottom of the staircase. 

L:    Is that somewhere you can meet with him?

M:   I'm not sure.

L:    Why don't you ask him what's the significance of the cement bunker?

M:   Sturdy. 

L:    Is this connected to another lifetime?

M:   I don't think so. 

L:   What is the significance of this cement bunker?

M:   It's a metaphor. 

L:    For what?

M:   Foundation.

L:    Does this mean that with time, you'll be able to expand on this foundation and improve this communication?

M:   Maybe. It's a place at the bottom of the stairs. It's a metaphor.

L:    I want you to just check if there is there anything you need to be concerned about with regards to the experiences you’ve had in the past? To be able to let those go now.

M:   Be honest. They're real.

L:    How does it feel to know that they are real?

M:   Almost boring. Or almost—mundane?

L:    It is what it is. Check with Quentar to see if there is any final message that he for you.

M:   Meditate. 

L:    Okay. Well, we're going to thank him [Quentar] for coming forward, making his presence know. And sharing his information... (Lorraine describes someone waiting to give me a message) ... there is going to be someone there to greet you with unconditional love and support with a message for you. It might be your higher self, it might be a guide, it might be an angelic presence or it might be somebody you know... who's there for you?

M:   Myself.

L:    What's the message that yourself has for you?

M:   Don't be so fucking stubborn.

L:    Is there anything else?

M:   Live.

L:    Anything else? 

M:   I see owls. I think that’s a metaphor.
(I really saw owls. My eyes were closed but I saw the simple outlines and shapes of owls floating in my vision)
L:    What do the owls represent?

M:   Mystery. 

L:    So you can bring back that symbol of the owls that represent that mystery. And you can just be curious of the unfolding of it all. Very soon, I'm going to be bringing you back to full waking consciousness... When you come back, you will bring everything that you need. And when appropriate, the right information in the right way will continue to flow to you... Allowing you to really follow your heart, to allow that honest and truthful sharing of the knowledge and insights that have been made available to you. And so now, in a few moments, I'm going to be bringing you back. (additional dialogue and long steady counting down from ten to full consciousness).

L:   ... And now your back.

M:  Was I crying for a while?

L:   Yeah. I seem to have that effect on people.
(You can hear me sitting up in the reclining chair)
M:  I am so fucking hungry.

This last line, about being hungry, plays into something I said before we started the hypnosis, when Lorraine asked me about my life and my issues. I described what is usually my very first symptom of clinical depression, I lose the ability to feel hungry; something as normal as feeling the very human desire to eat food disappears. So when I said I was hungry, I absolutely recognized the power and meaning of that simple statement. Saying I was hungry meant I was healthy, and I knew that in the moment. I was cured.


Some of Lorraine’s dialog has been abbreviated in this transcript. 

I also need to thank Meghan Moriarity for her work on the transcription.

Lorraine Flaherty is a past-life hypnotherapist based out of the UK. She was one of the speakers at the conference in Leeds, England. This was an event where I was also a speaker. 

Her book, Healing with Past Life Therapy, is available HERE.

Her website is linked HERE.


Anonymous said...

With all the research and the masses of "anecdotal evidence", I personally find there´s no getting around reincarnation being a fact. As long as time and space and samsara are, anyway.

So there´s no reason then to think your experience might not well have been of a real lifetime. Sure, there´s metaphor and symbolism but there´s very much the real thing, too. It sounds like both you and the therapist did a great job, anyway.

It was moving to read how it triggered those deep, intense emotions for you. This resonates, as someone who´s been similarily messed up about his identity as an artist all my life (breakthroughs going on here too, though).

Mike Clelland! said...

To the commenter above...

You will find the companion post interesting:

Mike C!

eattherich said...

Yes, it was. BTW couldn´t the guy coming in the door at that crucial moment a clear instance of inner and outer working in connection?
They ARE not really separate. Only stuffed in different perceptual, conceptual departments.

And of course really taking that in and the actuality... of the non-ordinary, can- will - also rouse a core fear in one. And takes heart to muster (which, come to think of it, seems to be what a lot of your story, as I´ve read it here, is about).

Maybe you could even say that persistent, deep fear not caused by anything obviously outer, is a sign there´s a path there, through the dark of the woods...

[I posted as anonymous above]

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Cory Anderson said...

I really like the fresh perspective you did on the issue. I will be back soon to check up on new posts! Thank you!
Jim Lutes

Claire Hast said...

I like the way , you express in a shape of dialog. Actually the experience of hypnosis is similar to when you daydream or even meditate.