Saturday, December 5, 2015

ranked number one

~  the above is a screen grab from Amazon  ~

The book, The Messengers, is ranked #1 in three different categories. This one day after its release. Please know, the book is now available in both print and ebook formats. Click HERE for ordering options.


Bright Garlick said...

Hey Mike, well done on publishing your book and getting such a great ranking. You certainly deserve for it to do well ! I'm looking forward to getting a copy and seeing how you approached the subject !

I'm sure you'll receive such an overwhelming response from readers, they'll be demand for a book 2 and then lo and behold, Mike's a full time writer ! Be very curious to hear what responses you get through the blog. I'm sure you're opening a can of very interesting worms !

Wishing you well on the journey !


PS. Might be time to write a book on contact !

Vicnaustin said...

Congratulations! Now time for me to get busy reading! Thank you, Mike!

Knocker said...

Ordered the paperback yesterday and I'm clearing the decks to be able to read the book, but I intend to languish through it. Seems it will be like hearing great news from an old friend. Congratulations, Mike.

Escherman said...

Congratulations!!! I'm going to order it ASAP!