Wednesday, October 28, 2015

divine owl alignment with Peter Manns

Totem pole on our porch with an owl on top.
In early October I took part in a Divine Alignment and Straightening session with Peter Manns. He is a fellow from Germany who does a form of healing where the initial focus is on the spine, but there is a deeply spiritual component too. The experience was really interesting, but the purpose of this post is to share an odd owl synchronicity. After the session my partner Andrea and I invited him over to our home for dinner.

A few days later he arrived at our door just as the sun was setting. It was in the first few minutes of walking into the house that he asked what I do, and I said I had been working on a book about owls. He listened as I tried to give a brief idea of the focus of the book. We were in the living room and I was facing him and his back was to the big windows that look out onto the porch.

He then told me about meeting a Native American woman who said he had an owl spirit as one of his totems. He put his hand about six inches above his head and just a little to the right. He said, “She saw the owl right here.”
From where I was standing Peter’s hand passed over a carved totem pole on the porch, and from my eyes his hand was positioned in an exact line with the owl at the top.
I caught it immediately. From where I was standing I had seen his hand line up with an owl on a totem pole. This happened as he gestured with that hand to show the spot where a native medicine woman had seen his owl totem.

When I told him this he sort of shrugged it off as if he was used to these kinds of things. Then, about two seconds later, he did a double take and really looked at the totem pole on the porch. It was obvious that he recognized that what had just happened was pretty interesting. This lead into a conversation about synchronicities. He had not seen the owl totem pole until I pointed it out, just seconds after the divine alignment.

The totem pole was carved by a close friend of Andrea’s grandfather. His name was Chief Dennis from the Abenaki tribe.


Red Pill Junkie said...

From Wikipedia:

"The Abenaki live in Quebec and the Maritimes of Canada and in the New England region of the United States, a region called Wabanahkik ("Dawn Land") in the Eastern Algonquian languages."

So, basically the Abenaki are 'the people of the Dawn land' or 'the people of the Dawn'.

What's interesting is that apparently in their language they use the same word to represent both the Sun and the Moon (Gizos).

So you could say this culture lives in a perpetual state of TWILIGHT. Perfect environment for an owl ;)

John Burke said...