Friday, September 25, 2015

Silver Screen Saucers

Now available!
Author Robbie Graham just published his long awaited book, Silver Screen Saucers with the subtitle: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood's UFO Movies.

More so than any other medium, cinema has shaped our expectations of potential alien life and visitation. From The Day the Earth Stood Still and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, to Prometheus, and beyond, our hopes and fears of alien contact have been fuelled by the silver screen. This book is an examination of the interplay between Hollywood’s UFO movies and the UFO phenomenon itself, from 1950 to present day.

Silver Screen Saucers grants the reader a rare, close-up examination of the DNA that builds our perceptions of the UFO mystery. From interviews with screenwriters and directors whose visions have been shaped by their lifelong UFO obsessions; to Presidents talking UFOs with Hollywood heavyweights; to CIA and Pentagon manipulation of UFO-themed productions; to movie stars and producers being stalked by real Men in Black, This book provides fresh perspective on the frequently debated but little understood subject of UFOs & Hollywood.

More about the book HERE - and Robbie's blog HERE


SteveW said...

hi Mike-
really enjoying your history of ufos over on 'where did the road go' podcast..
I also heard Mikah Hsnks mention that you're coming to England again.
I wanted to say this last year,but real life gave me a good kicking and I was away from the internet for a while.
I want to point you at a book called "Folklore myths and legends of Great Britain"
Amazon link -
Each chapter is a county of Britain-and it lists places of 'paranormal' interest.I just thought it might give you somewhere to go if you have free time over here.

John Burke said...

This is off-topic … but a surveillance drone recorded the following activity in Mike Clelland’s back yard:

Elvee Kaye said...

John, obviously that cat is communing with an alien. Now they will think that cats are the dominant life form on Earth. They might be right.

John Burke said...

Elvee –

They will learn after a cat is invited onboard a saucer and it refuses to relinquish the pilot’s seat.

John Burke said...

Getting back to the original subject, Grant Cameron provided us with a bit of background on Robbie Graham's work, in this lecture: