Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chad and Alta Dillard share their experiences

Chad Dillard
It was a few years ago that I spent multiple hours on the phone with Alta Dillard. Her experiences, along with her husband Chad, is not an easy set of stories. The events are overlapped, intertwined and very strange. I had always wanted to do an audio interview with Alta and Chad, but I realized to it do in any meaningful way would require a lot of hours. I wanted to do this, but I never followed through. Now Sariah has done just what I wanted to do. He hosted a three part set of interviews on Where Did the Road Go.

I am linking a 3 part interview, with close to 3 1/2 hours of audio of both Chad and Alta sharing their experiences. Highly recommended.
Part ONE - Part TWO - Part THREE


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike Part One is a 404.

Also how about a little plug for yourself? the first two shows on this page your on;


it's becoming rare to be able to hear you anymore :(

BTW i heard Dolan on Radio Misterioso and he seems to think your upcoming book is really going to be the bee's knees. Well actually he said it was going to be something like a pivotal point for Ufology. Finally the high strangeness is going to hit the mainstream with your book. Good on you Mike, your a humble thoughtful researcher who deserves to be heard, you have a good soul and i like to hear your thoughts. Hope to hear some new podcast from you, honestly i don't care if there is a guest, i just like to hear your ideas, so open up the mic and talk to us. :)

De. Sch said...

Hey Ward, the link to part one works hust fine for me..
Thanks for the pointer, Mike! Have a good one.

Mike Clelland! said...

I updated the dead link. it was me as per Ward's notification...

Mike C

Saint Theresa said...

I just listened to alta and chads interview on bob bains farside. Good stuff. I will listen to these links as well. Thanks for the hook up mike

Saint Theresa said...

Hey mike. I'd like to bring a woman named Jane trip to your attention, in case you're looking to do any new podcasts I'd love to hear her on yours. She is fascinating. She works with pictures and is able view some very unique and paranormal stuff.