Friday, April 10, 2015

I dreamed of owl toenails

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Last week I dreamt of owls. I was looking down at my bare feet and realized the toenails of both big toes had gotten really long. Instead of using a proper toenail clipper I just reached down and slowly started picking and peeling at the extra length at the end of my nail. As I was peeling it away, I realized something extraordinary—the piece of toenail looked exactly like an owl in flight! The way the flakey layers of the nail were peeling away, it looked a lot like wing feathers. I peeled off the other toenail, and it looked like an owl too. When I held up these peeled away nails for closer examination, they had both somehow grown to be about six inches across! 

A warning, this is what happens to your subconscious dream world when you immerse yourself in owl research.


Red Pill Junkie said...

How pedicurious :P

Greg said...

Of all our toes, the big toe is most instrumental in keeping us in balance when standing or walking.

The dream tries to tell you that your conscious standpoint, your worldview, is being impacted by your owl experiences. Your worldview is being modified.