Monday, March 30, 2015

When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide

Excellent article on UFOs and sychronicity from Rob and Trish MacGregor, linked HERE.
Synchronicity is an intricate component of the visitor/abduction experience, of afterlife communication, and may be the phenomenon that actually links the two. It seems to exist along the border of what quantum physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order of existence and the explicate order, what we perceive in our daily lives. It may be our most direct experience of who we are as individuals, as a species, a human collective.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Thanks for reposting, Mike.

Bob Friend said...

As one who has listened to all of Mike's interviews more than once,I find the MacGregor article an excellent entry point to introduce the work of Remo Roth who expands Jung's definition of synchronicity to better place the high strangeness of the UFO contact experience within the context of ancient hermeticism and modern quantum physics. While this might not seem so novel, Roth's study of the Jung/Pauli project takes on unique significance given the growing awareness of the rising tide of post-Fukushima radioactivity as an extinction vector.
I have no doubt that this reference will be synchronistic in its own write.