Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the pecan story

I’ve sat in on a series of support groups specifically for people who feel they are UFO experiencers. One question I've asked repeatedly in these groups is if anyone has ever experienced a dream like distorted sensation in relation to any kind of UFO or alien contact. I used the story of seeing the five beings out my window in 1993 as a way to try to explain the very odd feelings.

A woman took me aside in the hall after one of these meeting at a UFO conference. She was cautious as she spoke. She told of being outside in her yard alone; she went up to a tree to pick some pecans. After collecting a handful from the branches she started walking back to the house. Then she turned around for a moment to face the tree, at that point she felt an entirely distorted sense of reality. That sensation didn’t last long, and the next thing she remembers was sitting at her kitchen table and realizing that some hours had passed. There was no memory of how she got there or what had happened during the missing time.

I thought for a moment and asked, “Why did you turn around when you were heading back towards the house?”

She said, “I wanted to thank the tree for giving me the pecans.”

That one small detail, wanting to formally thank the tree, changed the entire tone of her story. There is something so beautiful about that simple act of being grateful, and acknowledging it, and it adds such depth to this woman’s experience. The lesson I learned is to ask these kinds of questions, to try to push beyond just the dry nut’s and bolts pragmatic inquiry.

One question I ask of UFO witnesses is what were you thinking or saying just before you saw the UFO. I ask the same thing to people who see owls, or who’ve had a profound synchronicity. What was being articulated, either in your mind or verbally, at the moment the event occurred, or leading up to that moment.

One thing that I’ll hear from witnesses is that they wanted to see a UFO, and it appears either as they say it or just a short time after. I don’t understand the mechanism of how it happens, but I sure see the connection. Other times the connection is less overt, and sometimes its downright mystical.

Another thing I’ll ask is what was going on in your life leading up to the sighting, and then I’ll follow that with what has changed since the sighting. I’ve heard a few witnesses say that before the sighting their life had been going poorly, they had been feeling stuck and confused. Now, it would be perfect if they said that after their UFO sighting that they had become unstuck and saw things clearly, but I haven’t heard that reply yet. What I have heard is that the sighting forced them to look much deeper at their own concepts of reality itself. They’ll go on to start mediating, and begin reading spiritual books. It is very common that they'll quit their job and begin an entirely new life with a new dedication to these more mystical ideals.

More about that odd feeling of altered reality HERE.

This story was meant to be part of the owl book project, but I haven't found a place where it fits.


Knocker said...

I hope you find a place for it in the book. It's important because it is somehow a clue to what happens when our minds are quieted and our egos are pushed aside temporarily by entering into deep feeling.

At least that's what happens to me often enough not to ignore. Then the synchronicities get intense and plentiful. I tend to want to thank myself for the brief remembering of pure emotion free of sensical practicalities. The events that take place during or after that remembering vary, but I'm grateful for having the dreamy escape into another reality, regardless of confusion over what the results suggest, confusion.

Knocker said...

I think I should have added that intense focus, even in dreams, seems to be part of the equation rather than just deep feeling.

Red Pill Junkie said...

But, couldn't that 'dream-like' quality be triggered by non-Fortean events as well? Like being inside a car that's spinning out of control, or while being robbed at gun point --something that personally happened to me BTW--?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

Yes, absolutely....

De. Sch said...

Interesting..hmm I wonder weather "they" needed her to turn around and face them or estbalish eye contact with them. Isn´t that how they get a hold of us? I don´t know, just a thought..