Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Elaine Douglass audio interviews linked

Below is a listing of audio interviews with the late UFO abduction researcher Elaine Douglass. I considered her a close friend. These interviews were collected doing google searches, and ganged here for your listening. A few of these links have poor audio, but most are well worth listening and very interesting.

The first is a fascinating interview with Elaine Douglass where she talks about her research into UFO abduction and mind control. I spoke to her shortly after this interview, and she was very concerned she shared TOO much, as if she had talked about parts of her research that might be best kept secret.

  1) Night-Vision-Radio audio download HERE  

This was aired in March of 2013 on LA Radio Night Vision Radio with Rene Barnett. There was a guest host for this interview, and whoever it was (God bless him) just let Elaine talk.

All the postings that I could find of Elaine's audio interviews:

2) My Hidden Experience interview from October of 2013 (linked HERE)

4) A two-part youtube interview on a Canadian podcast: (part one) and (part two)

5) This page links a three-part series of Jerry Pippin round table discussion with Elaine with other researchers and abductees focused on the problems at MUFON: (part 1) and (part 2) and (part 3)

6) Jerry Pippin interviews Clifford Clift and Elaine Douglass in a Two-Part interview: (linked HERE)

7) UFO Undercover - NOTE: LINKS NOT WORKING: (with Joe Montaldo) and (another interview with Joe Montaldo)


Anonymous said...


Your links to the interviews with Joe Montaldo don't seem to be worker; it 's saying 'server error.'

Thank you, though, for taking the time to download these interviews. Elaine Douglass was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...


The one-click audio download does not seen to be working as well.

Thanks for posting all the same!

Mike Clelland! said...

Sorry - I fixed what I could - Links should work now, all except for the Jo Montaldo links, those are down...

Anonymous said...

I am currently listening to the Canadian podcast with Elaine (excellent by the way). I have a question and really hope I get some feedback here:

In 2006, I contacted a VERY well known researcher at that time - by phone - and received a prompt reply from him. I'd left him voice-mail message, only telling him that I was starting to remember some rather high strangeness events from my early childhood. To my surprise, he contacted me within 5 minutes' time and told me to contact MUFON. In looking back, I find that rather strange. He knew NOTHING about my experiences, but told me to contact MUFON, rather than asking me any personal questions about my own experiences, etc.

Long story short, I did contact MUFON. I contacted the State Director who resided at that time in the state I had resided in during my childhood. I did NOT sign ANY documentation with this State Director, i.e., as in never agreed to share any of my personal information with any outside agency. However, shortly after my working relationship with this Director commenced, my son and I started experiencing the typical harassment type scenario, i.e., black helicopter activity (which was huge), cars/sedans tailing us at night, etc., so forth.

In putting some of this together, now that this Bigelow thing has come to light as referenced by Elaine Douglass and others who brought this whole issue up with Bigelow and MUFON, it DOES seem rather strange that these things started happening to us shortly after I connected with MUFON.

COULD it be that my information somehow made it to Bigelow, hence the harassment afterwards? Also, this Director started experiencing harassment herself, just shortly after she started communicating with me. She, too, started experiencing black helicopter activity over her home in Ohio; her computer(s) were hacked as well.

Something tells me there's a connection, here. The more I listen to Elaine Douglass' interview, the more convinced I am of this.

Anyone else who may be reading this have anything similar happen to them after working with MUFON?

Mind you, I'm very mindful of Kathleen Marden's insistence that MUFON has changed, etc., and that it's taken a new direction. But I'm being completely honest here when I state that I just don't know what to think about this organization at this point.

I'd love any feedback...any opinions?

De. Sch said...

Thanks for putting this together, Mike! Greatly appreciated!
Take care

Saint Theresa said...

Very interesting. Did you report any harrassment to law enforcement?

Anonymous said...

Saint Theresa,

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did report this issue to our local police department. They informed me that I needed to contact the military base located outside our town - right next door.

I had suspected this helicopter activity 'may' have emanated from this particular military base, but what I did not understand was how they would have known I'd been speaking with the Director of MUFON at the time.

After I spoke with the police department, I contacted the Chamber/Commerce connected to the town which houses this military base. They gave me the name of a Major who they felt may knew something about this helicopter activity. I then contacted this military base and spoke with this Major's secretary, who informed me they were, indeed, running helicopter base/operations during this time.

What this gal did not know was that the MUFON State Director I was working with had explained to me that prior to ANY helicopter activity of this nature being conducted over a densely populated area, they are to provide a declaration as to such, some two to three weeks prior to this activity commencing. They are to provide this information to the public via news media, i.e., newspapers, radio and/or television broadcasts before commencement with this activity.

What I found out was that they had not done this.

In further speaking with MUFON, the Director felt that this helicopter activity which had suddenly commenced in our neighborhood was a COVER for the harassment I and our son, was experiencing.

This helicopter activity started out one morning at approximately 9:00 a.m. and proceeded for several hours later. The helicopters were black and had no markings on them. They followed our son and his friend from their school, all the way home.

I'll never forget this: One particular helicopter kept swooping over the boulevard directly behind our home and would do these figure eight loops back and forth from our home back on over the boulevard. When I stood by our bedroom window to get a better view of this, this helicopter actually flew right up against the back wall to our home and hovered right in front of me.

After I contacted the military base secretary and explained to her what had just happened to us that day, I was livid. I told her that I knew they hadn't put forth to the public any sort of announcement they were going to do these type maneuvers. She apologized to me and said she would get back to her 'boss' and that was that. I never heard back from her, but I can say we've never had this issue happen again (although we were followed for quite a long time afterwards by dark vans, at night).

I will say that I am connected to an intelligence agency via my Father's background, but having said that, it is rather odd that I've NEVER experienced so much helicopter harassment UNTIL I started working with MUFON.

Still concerns me to this day...