Tuesday, October 28, 2014

High Strangeness with Lorin Cutts

Lorin Cutts has a background in music recording, and he's produced a series of audio podcasts titled High Strangeness. His technical history has made for an excellent quality in the production, and these have been aired on KGRA Radio. These are highly recommended. His site also features some important essays and articles, especailly on how sycnronicity plays a role in this mystery. Let me add that his radio co-host, sychronistically enough, is named Lauren Kott.

His recent interview with remote viewer and UFO contactee Lyn Buchanan is required listening! The other interviews feature the likes of Thom Reed, Timothy Good, Evie Lorgan, Anne Druffel, Margie Kay, Yvonne Smith, James Gilliland, Donald Schmitt, Stan Gordon - and even me! Not all of these audio interviews are up and posted, but I am hoping they'll all be available sometime soon.

~ The High Strangeness homepage HERE
~ The audio podcast series linked HERE


John Burke said...

I’ve always been a big fan of Lael Buchanan. His anti-new age stance first became apparent to me when I initially visited his website back in 1997. He made some remark – and I’m not so sure my memory about the specifics is accurate. He said something along the lines of: Those who want to learn remote viewing to expand their consciousness, should not bother with it. Whatever it was, I found it surprising. In any event, I think that the alien lied to him about implants. The “broken instruments” story does not sound plausible. They obviously don’t want humans to know what the implants are for because people would have them removed if they knew the real answer. I enjoyed the “antibody factory” explanation because it was an admission that the abductions are for their own purposes, rather than for the betterment of the human race. Nevertheless, I think it was just another example of ye old Messengers of Deception. Lyn’s discussion about the guy from the “salon” fits well here. Perhaps the alien breeding program is to create a batch of people – homo mentis, or whatever name Lyn used – to replace those of us who lost the genetic lottery. From what the guy said, 2040 should be the big year. By then, I should have a nice supply of soiled Depends ready for a counter-strike.

jowdjbrown said...

Not all of these audio interviews are up and posted, but I am hoping they'll all be available sometime soon.Audio review