Friday, September 12, 2014

crop circle with an owl

recent crop circle where an owl makes an appearance

Robbert van den Broeke is a young Dutch man who has had a set of very strange life experiences as well as ongoing psychic phenomenon. His case has been documented by multiple researchers but the utter strangeness of what is taking place around him has left him open to criticism by skeptics.

The following text is from an email posted by Nancy Talbot on Sept. 11th 2014:
Knowing when the new circles are coming is not always as much fun as people might think. Robbert sometimes suffers depression for several days prior to the arrival of new formations and this was the case this time. By happenstance Roy Boschman was with him late on the night of September 10th when Robbert suddenly “knew” they should drive to the Palingstraat in Hoeven (where the September 3rd maize “horseshoe” formation had appeared), this time seeing (in a “vision”) a “field of flowers.” He also felt an energy he describes as “playful and sweet”—a combination of “Angel, ET and animal (in particular a bird) energies”—close around him.

Dutch parapsychologist Richard Krebber, who has recently been working with Robbert, had asked that he be called if or when another formation appeared, and so was with Robbert and Roy as they found the new circle. Krebber had purposefully brought along his fully-charged I-phone and witnessed, first-hand, the regularly-reported cell phone (and other electronic devices) failure in new crop formations. 

There was a nearly-full moon and while the men were inside the mustard-seed field (no tram-lines) Robbert suddenly saw a dark shadow and felt “something mystical” was watching them...  
and then they all saw a large owl which swooped down very low over the formation, circling it three times—counter-clockwise—in the same direction as the flattened plants.  
Robbert had the distinct feeling that this owl’s consciousness included, or also contained, a bigger consciousness which was observing the men and was also “energizing” the new formation.  [it is a fact that Robbert, himself, can cause birds to go to sleep simply by focusing on them, so this idea that the owl may have represented a consciousness capable of affecting its surroundings doesn’t seem so outrageous to him.]

While inside the formation Robbert felt a “rotational” energy and all three men felt a distinct warmth in their legs. Mr. Krebber reported also feeling a tingling in his arms and, especially, his hand—adding that for about 10 seconds he felt an unusual, but pleasant, sensation of “something stretching my body up.”  
(text above edited for brevity and clarity) 

For additional information and photos of this formation, see Robbert’s Crop Circle Archive.  


Red Pill Junkie said...

van den Broeke is certainly a controversial figure. One look at his photographs of alleged UFOs or spirits, and you might jump to the conclusion that he's nothing but a charlatan seeking publicity by duping the likes of Nancy Talbot & other researchers --and in fact, that's the general consensus among The Paracast forum members, especially after both he & Nancy were interviewed by Gene & Chris.

My position is a bit nuanced. I don't think Robbert is photographing UFOs or spirits, but he might be doing instead some sort of 'psychic photography' similar to the ones made by the late Ted Serios. In other words, the images in the photographs are projections of his own subconscious.

In any case, that's a nice crop formation, and the fact that it was made over a field of mustard is vaguely poetic --didn't Jesus tell his apostles that if they had faith the size of a small mustard seed, they could move mountains? Maybe a smaller portion could allow you instead to draw a crop circle without planks ;)

Ways with Weirds said...

Van De Broeke has, as Red Pill Junkie suggests a controversial relationships with the circles he predicts, allegedly being caught in the act of making one. I agree he is someone who is probably using some form of psychic projection, consciously or not. Orbs do seem to appear in photographs around him, but as a friend said, it's amazing what happens when you kick the nest of weird.
As for the owl, flattened crop offers much richer and easier hunting grounds than raised stalks...?

Red Pill Junkie said...

WwW raises a very good point, and in fact one of the TDG members wrote something around the same line when I linked this story at The Daily Grail:

"I am fully behind all of the owl paranormal stuff, but perhaps it needs pointing out here that any of the raptors like to investigate recently disturbed foliage because it disrupts lanes of travel and hiding for mice leaving them more confused and vulnerable and easier to catch."

Mike Clelland! said...

Wait, take a breath - do owls fly above the freshly cut fields more than the tall un-cut mustard fields? - And - a psychic magnet for the paranormal and two other people who are trying to study the paranormal SEE AN OWL FLY IN CIRCLES ABVE A CROP CIRCLE...

Enough said.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, I'm certainly not aware if someone has bother to study whether raptors frequent fields with crop circles more than undisturbed ones.

Ways with Weirds said...

Surely Mike, sometimes an owl is just an owl?

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes, sometimes an owl is just an owl.

But in this case it took place WITHIN a crop circle, seen buy the guy who PREDICTED the crop circle, along with two people researching the SAME guy.

I also take this part seriously, Nancy wrote:

"Robbert had the distinct feeling that this owl’s consciousness included, or also contained, a bigger consciousness which was observing the men and was also “energizing” the new formation. "

Mike C!