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Lorin Cutts on owls and high strangeness

Yesterday, I sent an email to my friend and comrade Lorin Cutts. He responded by saying, “What a lovely sync. Was just finalizing an article about owls and UFOs to be posted this evening.” Both Lorin and I seem to be on similar paths. Both of us are doing on-line radio shows about the stranger aspects of the UFO phenomenon (his show is called High Strangeness), both of us are dealing with powerful synchronicities, both of us are writing about it—and both of us have had odd owl sightings. He even mentions me in the first sentence of his article!
Here is Lorin’s article, and he is describing the very same weirdness that I’ve been struggling to articulate. This essay is also posted HERE. 
Lorin Cutts
Owls, UFO Abductees, Synchronicities and High Strangeness
Written by Lorin Cutts, 02.25.14 / 04.14.14
It was great to see the video of Mike Clelland’s first talk at the National UFO Congress this year. Not only did Mike make it look like he’d been doing public speaking for years, he also managed to pull off some difficult material (owls, synchronicity and the UFO subject) and, considering the task at hand, made it relatively accessible. I was also delighted to see that someone I had put his way had formed one of the main stories he included as other peoples esoteric owl experiences – and in doing so alluded to something that really resonated with me.
As some of us research strange phenomena, the phenomena we study also sometimes begin to unfold, interact and reveal themselves further in our personal experiences – sometimes as we think and write.
This got me thinking of a few experiences of my own.
Midway through his lecture, Mike had the idea to bring a 4 foot tall, cardboard owl on stage so that the people in the audience could compare this to the size of a more conventional specimen. This bought a brief chill down my spine as I recalled the one occasion when I had the (mis)fortune to experience this giant, improbable, winged beast for myself. And well within keeping to the bizarre nature of such events, it would also turn out that only a few hours after viewing Mike’s lecture online, a synchronicity presented itself that would relate to the fateful day of the owlzilla.
Sometime in mid summer 2012, I was making the journey in the cab of a locomotive in Washington State – as I often did in my role as conductor on the railroad – with a locomotive engineer by the name of Don White. Don is ex-military and the most down to earth, no-nonsense, matter-of-fact guy one could possibly meet.
Sometime around three or four in the afternoon, we rounded a bend in the bright sunlight and there on the adjacent track and staring directly at us stood a giant owl. “What the hell is that?” I asked – already half knowing what it was. “It looks like an owl”, Don said. We passed this thing perched on the rail of the next track, only eight feet from the roar of our locomotives, yet the thing didn’t so much as flinch, fly off or act with any fear towards our train. The one thing that we couldn’t get past was the sheer size of this thing. I recall Don also came out with the classic line: “Is that something to do with your UFO shit?"
 this is a long article, read more below 

That particular morning in 2012 had also been significant in that an Carolyn, a lifetime UFO abductee I had become friends and began working with had gotten in touch after a period of time. Much strangeness had ensued amongst her and another abductee (Barbera) with myself in the middle – including, amongst other things, several, psychic, synchronistic and significant owl and UFO related events.

Mikes lecture and the four foot owl on my mind,  I set off for another night of work. I walked into the staff room at 1.30am to be greeted none other than Don. We had probably only worked together a couple of times since that day of the owl. I was able to ask him on the trip if he recalled that day in 2012 and asked him how tall did he think it was. “Yes…. Probably about four foot… problem is”, he said, ”there are no owls that are four feet tall”.
Also, what came to mind was another example of possible high strangeness whilst researching this subject. Both instances seem to hint at some kind of reality/consciousness overlay and both certainly have had a somewhat profound effect on the way I view not only the subjects studied, but the way we possibly perceive reality too.
In May of 2011 (a month of several owl synchronicities involving myself and the two people already mentioned) I was given a book by Barbera. This was one of her favorites called “The Tujunga Canyon Contacts” by Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rojo. This turned out to be a cracking book that attempted to make a connection between UFO’s and other areas of parapsychology and the supernatural. Within it’s pages were some stunning plates – black and white photographs of a case that involved a man of the cloth, Reverend Bailey, taking a clear series of Polaroid snaps of very clearly defined “aliens”. These were without doubt the best and clearest photographs of entities I have ever seen and I will never forget them. Whats more, Ann had had a lab check them out who deemed them genuine (at the very least not tampered with in any way)… and the fact that there was a series of them in quick succession was also highly impressive. Also, Rev. Bailey’s credentials as a man of the Church only added to the weight of the story to my mind. I was curious as to why these images hadn’t become well known, gone viral or why I hadn’t heard of this case before now? To me it had everything – including, without doubt, the best photographs of entities I had ever seen.
Also within the pages of this book were several well documented cases of contactees being given information regarding a cure for cancer. This related directly to Carolyn. She had told me she had been given the supposed cure by a tall grey being in 1971. She had no idea that others in the same area and same time (Pasadena/Tujunga, Los Angeles, late 60s/early 70s) had also been given this within their “alien” experiences, nor of Ann’s work regarding any of this.
By August 2012 I was coming to the end of a year of my monthly “High Strangeness” shows I had done for Global Radio Alliance (now KGRA) and was contemplating the last handful or so guests. Of course, it only seemed right to get Ann on to discuss the Rev. Bailey images and I even asked Ann to see if we could even get the Reverend on, but alas her enquiries about his whereabouts came to nothing. We later sadly learnt that he had passed away in a convalescence home not long prior to reaching out (he went to his grave standing by the story). A few days before Ann came on to do the show, I went to the shelves to pick out the book and brush up on some facts about the case.
I opened the pages of the book to find that the photographs were nowhere to be found. There are only a few photographs in the rear of the book and non pertaining to Reverend Bailey at all. This confused me, but perhaps oddly, I wasn’t that alarmed at first. I think I spent some time second guessing myself and thinking that perhaps I’d been mistaken – that maybe I had seen them online or perhaps in another book. But then I kept going back to this, over and over in my mind. I am absolutely adamant that these images were in this book. I’ll never forget them – how could I? I can see them clearly in my mind’s eye as I type this.
I am currently at a total loss to explain this. There were no images I could find online of the case and after the show, Ann pledged to send me some books – including her book “How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction”. In this there is one photograph from the Reverend Bailey case. It bears absolutely no resemblance to anything I recall seeing at all. I have since been in touch with Ann about all of this and she has confirmed the Bailey photographs never appeared in the Tujunga Canyon Contacts book.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
The unfinished article above was written on the 25th of February 2014 and after a series of further events, I am left wondering if this story hadn’t been finished off for me? It is now April 14th 2014 and I will attempt to write about a further set of synchronicities and events that have unfolded in the intervening weeks that followed and let you be the judge.
About two weeks ago I was laying in bed when something unusual happened that has never occurred to me before – I got an image in my mind of a tall grey alien. There was a calming, reassuring ambience to this and around its neck it wore a bright blue crystal and a gown of some kind of esoteric material that shone in a very beautiful way. I was fully awake and recounted this to my partner laying next to me, whom also picked up on this in her mind. There was no fear, only peace and calm and I felt lucky to experience this feeling and was mesmerized by the fabric probably more so than I should have been.
Oddly, we put this to one side and didn’t really think or talk about this again too much. A couple of days later I was looking at Facebook and was stunned to see a drawing of this being that had been drawn by Carolyn! It had the crystal in the exact same place, the same gown, and I messaged her to ask what this was. She informed me that this was from her 1971 experience and this was the being that gave her the cure for cancer.
That night I went to work as usual. The following morning saw the first rays of sunlight breaking through the early morning cloud. I was half way down my train when suddenly out of nowhere – between two railroad cars and some 30 feet ahead – a soot black owl swooped out from the train. My first thought was how lucky I was to be able to witness such a magnificent sight so close. I could literally hear the wind in the wings of this beautiful thing and wasn’t at all scared. I then recalled the drawing and the messaging with Carolyn the night before.
So just as had happened with the Carolyn in 2012, I had witnessed an owl after a series of bizarre synchronicities regarding her experiences in 2014 and in the same geographic area. Just as I had set about to write about the work becoming and influencing the work, it had happened again and rounded the story off in the most poetic way imaginable.
Whereas I had initially come to this subject in a quest for answers and had felt confused and threatened by the mystery in all of this, I now feel humbled and privileged to be witnessing the wonders of the universe first hand.
*some names have been changed in this article.
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Lucretia Heart said...

Its very strange to have memories of several photographs published in a book, only to find one's memory is totally off... Seems like a parallel reality thing. Or perhaps one had a very vivid dream of reading the book? I've had similar out-of-place memories myself, though only maybe 2 or 3 in my life. Still, it does drive one absolutely bonkers to remember something so well only to find-- its not as you recall. I'm really curious about that aspect of the experiences.

The 4-foot tall "owl" is also something I can relate to personally!