Friday, August 29, 2014

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My page-views from yesterday, another 1234 sync. Curiously, this was the day I wrote more than a few comments on the post for Sherry Wilde's interview. I was supporting her, some folks that were having a hard time with the tone of our conversation. An interview where we laugh about our shared 1234 syncs.

I am typing this from a coffee shop in Brooklyn, I am in a window seat facing the door across the street, the address is 123.


Hamanda said...

The day you posted this (Fri., 8/29), my husband and I went on a bike ride. At the end I checked my odometer, and it read: 43.21. I IMMEDIATELY thought of you and giggled.

Luke Holder said...

and to complete your Brooklyn address sequence - my waitress dropped off my bill yesterday at lunch and said, "I couldn't have done this if I had tried, your bill is $45 even." Also, born in ,74, see that ALL the time as well....

eattherich said...

Can´t all the world be seen as a experimental lab for synchronicity?

Or an active rediscovering of connectedness, on all possible levels. Or a oneness (of interwoven seeming parts).
An infinite net weaving itself in our discovery of it.

It brings back alive the fun.

And dead stuff is boring, floating around like sad and lonely debris from some secret, ancient catastrophe. Like evil- might sound thrilling to some but in the end just gets you down and down low.

So, I took one tarot card for "Andromeda", what it might mean to me (having heard Sherry Wilde mention it). Queen of cups comes up. Google-google and:
Some say this card actually stands for Andromeda (the mythical king´s daughter).

Tarot can be a blowyourmind experimental lab, too:).

Elvee Kaye said...

I sometimes get ones (11:11, 111), ones and twos (11:12, 1122), or ones and threes (11:33,1313), but rarely consecutive numbers. Hamanda's post, for example, was made at 12:22PM. But they never seem to correlate to anything at all, so I guess it really is just a boring coincidence, after all. :o\