Thursday, June 19, 2014

Budd Hopkins on TV in the late 80's

Footage from a talk show appearance with Budd Hopkins around the time of the publication of his 1987 book Intruders. Also on stage with Debbie Tomey, the real name of Kathie Davis. The stories told on this show were quite new at the time. That said, it is curious as to how little has been added to the overall pool of knowledge after a quarter of a century.

Also of note: Some audience members are seen wearing HUGE glasses, unlike Budd who has rather normal sized glasses.

  a collection of documentaries on UFO abduction liked HERE  


Anonymous said...

The audience members are bizarre; most are hypnotized, some are zombies, and some are clearly alien hybrids who are sitting in to see how much the humans know, for example the Asian woman at the back who has no need to blink.

Good interview though.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen this interview and it's a great one! Budd and Debbie do very well conveying their pov and experience. The show host is remarkably mature and knowledgeable (compared to most interviewers).

I have no idea what the person 'Anonymous' above is writing about. Perhaps a joke that I just don't get.

Thanks for posting this video, Mike!

~ Susan

eattherich said...

I´m wondering: why are the two big activities of Budd Hopkin´s, art and UFO-abduction, so seldom taken together and seen in the light of each other?

Looking up his paintings I can´t help but feeling how they -almost in an eerie way- strike chords of themes related to the interfacing of very different worlds and dimensions.

They deinitely seem to speak to a part of my being that probably know more about things "otherwise", than the present seeming meat-bundle of ordinariness:).

Then I check this site out and they
seem to maybe agree:

"A chance sighting of a U.F.O. in 1963 was a seminal event for Hopkins, and for the next 50 years, his artistic life reflected the duality of things seen and unseen, the actual and abstract."

BTW, I agree about the positive impression of the refreshingly non-idiotic show host...

eattherich said...

OK- it seems mr Hopkins speaks about the connection between the the two
in his memoir of 2009. So I´m gonna have to get that and get wiser.
I really like those paintings.

Anonymous said...

I remember those giant glasses of the 1980s! They were the fashion then, for some reason. Even I had a pair of big glasses. X>D