Thursday, March 27, 2014

two owls seen last night

I was lying in bed last night reading, and I suddenly saw my cat get all focused on something. It didn't take but a second and I heard the distinct hooting of two great horned owls, and they sounded like they were right outside my window. I got up, got dressed, put on a coat, grabbed a flashlight and went outside. It was snowing heavily as I followed the noise. There is a telephone pole right near my cabin and I shined the light up there and saw one owl fly off, looking very white in the beam of the flashlight. The hooting continued, so I walked closer to the pole and saw another owl in the beam. I watched it for just a few seconds and it too flew off. I went back inside and climbed back into bed. It was about one in the morning when I saw these two owls.

This might be nothing at all, just a nice sighting, but I've made a very real effort to document these kinds of things (owls and synchronicities) here on this blog. There wasn't anything unusual or prescient in that moment, but I am wondering if anything will turn up.

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