Tuesday, March 18, 2014

transcendent encounter described by Bright Garlick

a video that describes merging with unconditional love

I posted a series of videos from Bright Garlick (a pseudonym) back in December of 2012, linked HERE. That post generated a lot of comments, and a few folks were challenged by the "new agey" tone of Bright's descriptions. What he is articulating is what I have heard before, and the reward of watching is that you get to hear a calm and thoughtful re-telling of a transcendent encounter. He is sharing something sacred.

The beings he encountered projected unconditional love, and he tries to articulate the complexities and the implications of how that felt - and what it might mean. Watching this video was, for me, an extremely touching and sensitive experience. All this and cats too.


Cynthia said...

Bright Garlick's approach is quite soothing. It's very easy to listen to his accounts. His experiences seem very spiritual and enriching, and the way he presents it makes my mind feel open- expanded.

Thank you for sharing Bright! It sounds like you've had a lot of challenges from publicly sharing. I appreciate your heartfelt honesty. Best to you-

Anonymous said...

A beautifully recounted experience. Much to consider there. Thanks to you Mike, and especially to BG for sharing this.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Many things come into mind when listening to Bright describe his experiences:

The first one, when he mentions how he had to overcome a lot of fear & learn how to control his emotions while in the presence of these entities, is something I've been thinking about when I see all the debates re. whether the alien abductions are 'good' or 'bad.' Clearly these experiences have had a deep transformative effect in the lives of people like Garlic, so maybe Westerners should have this little question in mind: Who ever said rich spiritual experiences *always* have to be NICE?

Because I think when folks imagine the concept of 'spiritual experiences' they think of something akin to holding hands with angels or ascended beings to sing effing Kumbayá; but I remember something very poignant that pioneer researcher Elisabeth Kübler-Ross said in a Skeptiko interview: there's nothing more frightening that being in the presence of the living God.

And I think the fear comes from the sense that such experiences mean the death of the ego, and we all know how our modern society is always telling us our individuality is the thing we need to protect & cultivate the most!

But I digress...

I also find metaphorically poetic how Bright is struggling with expressing these deeply personal matters while the rain is pouring down in the background, after a harsh & dry season of fires in Australia. Just like the rain is healing the earth & bringing a much-needed respite to the land, Bright's video is part of a healing process for him... I think ;)

Hell, I even found the constant interruptions by the cats to be deeply touching! Those imperfections in the video, helped to illustrate the insurmountable task of conveying these ideas, against the limitations of language & human cognition.

You just have to do your best with what you've got :)