Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miriam Delicado offers her book for free

Experiencer and author, Miriam Delicado, is giving away her book, Blue Star Fulfilling for free as PDF. It was published in 2007, and it details Miriam's contact events throughout her life, including a profound experience in 1988.

  It's available free on her website HERE  

I read this book when it came out and it is a very interesting first person account of some of the highly complex strangeness that confront the experiencer. I can recommend it highly.

She announced this on her site:
It has been almost 5 years since Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy was made available to the public... On Amazon I only receive 26 cents per book sold. I am unsure of the number to books sold but I can say that far more were given for free than were ever sold and I have never said no to anyone who ever asked me for one for free.
Now it's time to share this book for free to all of you. I only get a few people each month who buy the download pdf from me at for $9.99 and I would really like to get this message out to as many people as possible. 
You can listen to an audio interview with Miriam from 2009 HERE.


James said...

“As she was holding my hands she all of a sudden let go and said, “What was that? I saw doctors all around you when you were a young child. I saw tubes sticking out of your arms. Is there something wrong with your blood?” I knew right away what she was picking up on and I also knew that the Aliens did not want her to see anymore! I tried to change the subject but she took my hands again, this time holding them tighter. “They’re changing your blood! Why are they changing your blood? They, they’re not doctors- they’re Extraterrestrials! Why are they doing that?!” She was shaking and her voice was rattled. Clearly she was shaken by the image and abruptly let go of my hands. “Wow! They don’t want me to see that! I asked them what they were doing and they told me it was none of my damn business and to stop looking!””

From the section “Puzzle Pieces”…The sections “Puzzle Pieces” and “Messages”… are the most interesting to me… I just finished this book … and her perspective on this topic reminded me of Lou Baldin’s… very different writers with very different backgrounds but their perspectives on the ‘alien’ presence share many features…

I don’t have this communication with ‘them’… if I didn’t have such a long standing obsession with this topic I would tend to dismiss this book as fantasy. I am sure many people would do that. I found myself thinking of Bender’s book “Flying Saucers and the Three Men”… again nothing like this book but something in the matter-of-fact portrayal of the subject…

I wouldn’t even be making this comment if I thought this was pure fantasy. Clones? Underground bases..? Basically, if her comments have any validity, we are surrounded by ‘them’… our day to day living would make this seem laughable. Well my day to day living would... But that hardly means it isn’t true does it..?

happytobe said...

James suggests that if Miriam is correct, then "we are surrounded by 'them'...," and I've heard Jordan Maxwell say "we are inundated with them," but IMHO "we are them." It is all one consciousness appearing as many things. Unity in variety.

I think "separation" is an illusion for the purpose of experience and the joy of Self recognition; to "re-cognize" or "see again" what we already are.