Thursday, October 31, 2013

owls = UFOs = synchronicity

Animal symbols will show up at certain times, almost like reality is a dream and animals can be placed into the dream when needed.
This statement came to me in an email, it was part of the ongoing owl research I've been all swallowed up in. The email was from a man describing an owl sighting on the farm of his father-in-law who had just died. He felt strongly that is was the spirit symbol of his father-in-law, looking at the farm one last time before he left.

This short little statement rang true to me. I sense that the script writers of reality can easily pencil in symbolic imagery right into the storyline of our lives. If they need to punctuate something within the narrative, they’ll just add what’s required for the desired effect.

The animal looking at the farm was an owl, and this is a powerful symbol, at least to me. What I also see in that statement is simply changing the word animal to either UFO or synchronicity, and the message would ring just as true.


Anonymous said...

interesting Mike! I often find that reality is a lot like dreams in that there are very peculiar things that happen that are dreamlike which make me very aware that I am possibly lucid. That feeling of being lucid can happen when I am awake as well as asleep.Seeing a ufo feels like a cue that I am lucid. It makes everything else seem fake and dreamlike. I saw many many ufos from 2002 to maybe 2007. Since then it has been very sporadic. I saw one just this week and took some pictures which of course look like a white dot in the sky and the actual object looked more like a spinning propeller. But the whole event took on a comic tone when a couple of people showed up while I was trying to photograph this thing and they would NOT look up! I kept saying Hey do you see that thing up there? But both people would only look down at my dog! At one point I said Look up man it is a ufo! and still nothing but, what kind of dog is that? Did you say ufo ? hmmm. But no one looked up. I almost laughed but I was too frustrated.I think it is funny now, and completely classic.
while I am at it, I will share my owl event since you are obsessed :)

I had one funny occurrence with an owl while reading aloud Harry Potter with my daughter some years back when she was young enough to like that, she is 22 now. We were outside at a park and were very engrossed in the story and it was getting dark but we did not want to stop reading. A white owl swooped down over our heads so low we both screamed. We were amazed and thrilled. I have never seen another such owl where I live in all the years since! It felt like an owl popped out of the book and was telling up to go because it was getting dark.

best of luck in your owl book, you can count on me to read it.

Anonymous said...

Script writers. Plural.

I think that's probably true, but I always, given a bit of time to reflect, felt I'm one of those writers too. Reality is a series of multi-participatory events hinging on the individual's willingness to participate in another's perception. Perception may be guided by the unseen, but it is uniquely personal due to ones embracing his personal individual experience.

In fact, I suspect we are our own writers with occasional aid from the unseen to keep us inspired toward inner growth. That's what makes the stranger sitting next to me in the train station interesting, regardless of who he might be. He's a writer as well.

We're only limited by our willingness or lack there of. The most willing are lucky enough to sense the guidance and that the unseen writes as well. Imagination has to be key, but I get the sense that my life is a co-creation, one of Everyman and the Other who helps steer me when I open the door to its perception.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Mike, I gotta give it to you: You get the best anonymous posts on the web ;)

To all of you Anons, please share your name or handle. As you can see Mike has manages to build a very tolerant forum with his blog --he even tolerates ME, nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Have had the same thoughts about the number 11 synchronicity phenomena that I've experienced daily (often very relentlessly) since Spring 2011. When we constantly sync with the special numbers 11, 11:11, 33, 333, 44, 444, that doesn't alter the substance of our reality context but it nonetheless conveys the subtle message to our consciousness that what we used to think about reality (that it is objective from our consciousness) is not how it actually works. Instead, the consciousness experience and the rendered reality narrative are interwoven.

You're saying the same kind of thing, Mike, in respect to how special animals can appear in the reality context in a way that does not disrupt the narrative, but can certainly punctuate it with special meaning.

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing so many really insane I am at the point that I'm questioning everything am scared yet excited and shocked at the places and times they occur. I don't know what to do. But I'm so glad I found this site.

That last sentence on this post is so awesome. It makes perfect sense and is true to me.