Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jeff Kripal quote

 Synchronicity is essentially a shiny new word for what we would have earlier called magic.
You know, magic are these practices that posit some profound connection between an internal state of mind and physical reality, and that’s exactly what a synchronicity is. And I think that these things continue to happen in the modern world because that’s what reality is. It’s not this dead chuck of matter, it’s this living being that is always communicating to itself and we’re part of that self that it’s communicating to. I think these are just modern ways of talking about very old human experiences.
—Jeff Kripal
I pulled that quote from a highly recommended audio interview with Jeff Kripal, author of Mutants and Mystics.


Chris Diablo said...

That's a great quote, Mike. Thanks for sharing it. With the "enlightenment" that has come with all these crazy synchronicities, ahem, I mean magic, it can leave one a bit jaded for lack of a better word. Jaded doesn't sound very enlightened, but it's honest for me. It becomes difficult to buy into all the separation mentality that is so en vogue amongst my fellows. I find myself often thinking "you are me and I am you" when dealing with people in my everyday life and so much of the human drama seems so trivial in light of what we could be experiencing as a unified self-knowing whole. So what you have quoted is really true and I am aspiring to regain that sense of magic and wonder about all the synchronistic experiences. I think it has to do with a wide swath of humanity "waking up" and realizing how magical and interconnected this reality really is! That doesn't make as much sense as I'd like it to, so maybe it's time to prove I'm not a robot and submit this comment. Because I may be some sort of human alien, but at least I'm not a damned robot, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kripal is a gem because he whittles things down to what should be obvious to all so us. So sad that its difficult for many to experience magic, when it is so easy. All it takes is the looking. Each time the magic disappears from my life, it's due to my having forgotten to expect it. When I remember, it's there waiting patiently and often revs its engine more strongly than before. Why wouldnt anyone enjoy that?

Steven Smith said...

Why wouldnt anyone enjoy that?

Because they're terrified control freaks & consensus junkies who categorically reject everything that doesn't have CONTROLLED OUTCOME splashed on the package.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why do we so ardently reject what´s makes us really happy- deep connectedness to the whole...? Crazy, indeed. Could it be that this, not the fear of death is the deepest dread? The fear of who we are.

Mathias S

Tish & Rob said...

Indra's net. Bohm's implicate order. Synchronicity is that voice.