Thursday, August 1, 2013

We accidentally filmed a UFO

Four artists are creating a film about synchronicity
A web site dedicated to syncrhonicity accidentally films a UFO? I can't speak to the authenticity of the video, but in the same paragraph of text, the film-makers talk about OWLS.

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Text added August 5th 2013: 
Follow-up post HERE. This adds to the overall the weirdness! Seems the film-makers were shooting footage of murals that featured gray aliens and owls in the moments before capturing that short clip of the UFO. The author of the post wrote me this:
Totally bizarre, I know! So many ways to explain it but we all seem to think it was the blurring of dimensions. That area is clearly a vortex of energy. Where in the world are there 100s and 100s of murals with aztec, day of the dead, DMT, alien, ayhuasca references. The artwork is insane. If you walk around there, you'll feel it.

original footage, followed up by slowed footage, zoomed in and high contrast

excerpt from the documentary, with owls!



Trish said...

Synchros and aliens: makes perfect sense to me. Glad you could use the clip.

katywalker said...

The clip is definitely not fake, but who knows if its a UFO or not. That area is potentially some sort of energy vortex (if you ask me!). Thanks for posting.

Lucretia Heart said...

The only think I can think of that it could be besides a UFO would be a UFO shaped KITE dipping in the wind-- but I note there doesn't seem to be much wind. Very strange indeed.