Tuesday, April 9, 2013

stare of the owl

This extremely strange story comes from experiencer Ken Bakeman. He tells a personal experience that includes not only an owl but a literal circus troop of other animals. The details are perfectly bizarre. I am convinced that nobody would dare make up anything so absurd. Recommended reading.

There is a side to the UFO abduction phenomenon that rarely gets whispered. Something is at play that stretches my view of reality - close to the point of snapping!

Ken's personal report linked HERE


Anonymous said...

Wow! What an experience! Ken Bakeman's encounter with all the animals made me think of an interview I heard of Rosemary Ellen Guiley where she mentioned Djinn immitating animal forms in front of humans.

~ Susan

Anonymous said...

Aloha Mike- Since you are a graphic designer as well as an experiencer, can you please let people know that websites that use reverse type, white on black background, lose readers as it is too hard on the eyes? Plus, it ust looks so amateur. I recall decades ago, pre-computer, working as an ad rep for a newspaper, when I first discovered reverses! What a thrill! How different! Wouldn't Bodoni light look cool? Over time one learns that point of presenting info must include consideration for the eyes of the reader...I can't tell you how often I give up reading something because of the reverse type. I just wish that on some show you mention this, so people would think before they adopt the "cool" looking black backgrounds...yeah, they look cool, if you are running a few words in 72 point...

Anonymous said...

That's an incredible story that reminds me of a period of time a couple of years ago. Coopers Hawks moved into our trees and began to raise their young. A week later a cockatiel landed on my husband's shoulder during a golf game and came here to iive when he couldn't be chased away. An owl sat in the tree for several days in a row. Days later there were skunks in the yard every morning and possums here every night. Kittens showed up at the back door and the last visitor was a huge box turtle actually climbing on the door as though begging to be let in. It was as though we were magnets for the local fauna and none of the neighbors were visited as we were. By the time the turtle showed up we were spooked.

I continue to say that I haven't had your experiences, Mike, but my husband was struck by lightning in his youth and had an NDE. He's spent years talking to entities in his dreams, but they have always been pleasant and he's received instructions for how he is to "manage people". None of the entities look like treys though they are always cloaked somewhat behind filmy fabric like wisps of air. I felt at the time that the animals were there for him somehow.

My recent sighting of the Great Horned owl seemed more for my neighbor and me, though I can't imagine why I feel that way.


Jason Elsworth said...

Robert Anton Wilson talks about ETs and rabbits here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfrCLOIaro0&feature=player_detailpage. I have found no one better than RAW to help you navigate in strange country.

More on the Pooka, which can take the form of a rabbit, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C3%BAca and http://www.bellaterreno.com/art/irish/fairy/irishpookas.aspx.

Anonymous said...

Hi, am a longtime reader of blog. Multiple experiencer of owls etc. -- living in the Catskills one encounters stuff. Winter '92 Claremont NY--owl hoots all night by my window as I write, and think it is an omen of death. A few hours later my neighbor and driveway plowman is dead of an Asthma attack in the -35 degree weather. Ten years later vultures perch on my neighbor's deck and she calls me hysterical asking me to do something. Days later her daughter dies after a long bout w/ cancer. Magic abounds here in the wilds!