Sunday, March 31, 2013

owls and UFOs

David Weatherly has just posted a perfect owl and UFO report at his blog (linked HERE). I say perfect because it captures the elusive sense that owls are somehow attracted to the overall UFO experience. For reasons I can only guess at, there is a very curious overlapping of synchronicity, UFOs and owls.

David's post is recommended reading.
Does anyone have any curious owl stories?

I would love to hear any experiences with owls from anyone reading this. I am working on a long article, soon to be a chapter in a book. I have received a surprisingly rich collection of personal reports from people, but I am still eager to learn more. There is something odd about the overlap of the UFO phenomenon and owls.

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Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I see that you have put that post up at 12:12.
Is that the new 11:11 ?-)

Anonymous said...

What about this theory:

The owl is the perfect surveillance device, an organic CCTV camera if you will.

Let me explain:

If a non-human intelligence has been manipulating human society for eons - as appears to be the case if you have followed the research of John Keel, Jacques Vallee - then it would be advantageous for that non-human intelligence to have tools to surveil humans.

Birds are all around us and we take very little notice of them. They would make perfect surveillance devices if we make the assumption that the "ET's" have the technology to jack into their consciousness and review live streams of their vision and sound.

Obviously a whacky, outlandish concept, but having read the abductee literature, their ability to distort and alter the perception and consciousness of a human being is widely demonstrated and seems to be very easy to them. So if they can manipulate the consciousness and the physical faculties of a human then it stands to reason that they can do the same with other creatures, i.e. birds.

But why owls, you might ask. They don't go unnoticed, they're far from inconspicuous, hardly a good covert organic monitoring device.
I would agree. If you're gardening during the day and robin red breasts, blackbirds, crows and blue tits, are flying around you don't give them a second thought, but if you were to see an owl in your garden it would definitely capture your attention, so maybe its not the best covert monitoring device?

It depends. What has an owl got that other birds don't have? Answer - ridiculously good vision. At night its vision is unsurpassed, at least a hundred times better than a human, if we were to use our surveillance technology analogy on the owl we would say it is equipped with "Night-vision". It also has the ability to turn its head 270 degress which is very useful in monitoring the area below it.

So if an advanced high tech non-human intelligence wanted access to "high def surveillance streams" at night, why not jack into the consciousness of an owl?

It would be a good point of research to see if other abductees have experiences with owls.

Have your sightings of owls been primarily at night or day Mike?

Mike Clelland! said...

reply to Anonymous:

You have articulated exactly what I have already tried to explore.

I am writing a long format essay (soon to be a chapter of a book) and i wrote pretty much what you shared here.

The article is in it's fianl editing phase, and I may use a few orf your comments, you sum it it up nicely!

Mike C!

neal said...

I read a good sci fi short story once, about a hyperdimensional race deciding on interfacing with the morphogenetic field of cats for covert observation. Turns out that spot was already taken, by others. Do not blame the messenger, it must suck to be that metaphor.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Owl said...

Indeed, owls have remarkable vision; I've read that in some species the volume of their eyeballs take up nearly 1/5 of their heads! I can't say I've never entertained the notion put forth by anonymous. However, they have yet another weapon in their arsenals.

That would be the equally amazing hearing of owls. Some species, such as the Great Gray Owl, hunt mostly by sound alone. This owl species, and several others, such as the Saw Whet Owl(a tiny owl) and Barn Owl, have asymmetrical ear openings.

Combined with their facial discs, which owls can manipulate with facial muscles and use like radar dishes, they can triangulate the location of prey under snow and leaves with deadly precision.

To truly understand owls in all their mystery and magnificence would probably take many lifetimes. But it's
a study well worth the effort. I always considered Mike's story about the multitude, 'bazaar' or 'wisdom' of owls to be impossible, ornithologically speaking. But this is owls we're talking about. Anything's possible.

For more on the secret lives of owls, please check out Owl Cam at:


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"I am writing a long format essay (soon to be a chapter of a book) "

Is it a book just by you,or is it a contributing chapter to some other book,Mike?
And if it is your book,do you know how long until it's release ?

Anonymous said...

I read this post yesterday and decided not to tell you my one and only owl story because it seems to have nothing to do with ufos and I've not had any experiences like yours, Mike. But since my only owl story took place just hours before I read your post, I should mention it just because you asked and I finally have one.

My neighbor and I are always watching the birds in our neighborhood. He called me yesterday to tell me to get out to the esplanade in my subdivision quickly. I joined him there and founding him watching an owl, a gigantic owl, sitting in a tree in that esplanade.

Bluejays were worrying the owl terribly and they were tiny in comparison. We both had the same reaction to the owl, the size of it was so unbelievable it scared both of us. I'm guessing, but it looked as though it might weigh around 30 to 35 pounds because it was the size of a mid-sized dog, very fat and quite tall.

He looked at us and it was enough to make him move to a tree in a nearby yard. Its wingspan was incredible and it made absolutely no noise as it flew. The jays followed it and we were actually glad it had flown away from us.

Though the story isn't tied to your experiences, you asked on the day I had an incredible owl story. Seems worth mentioning for the synchronicity.


Lucretia Heart said...

Besides one obvious screen memory that I wrote about on my blog, At Spiral's End, I've had few owl stories to tell.

Yet I would be remiss not to mention that here where I live now we have regular "fly overs" of a very large light-colored owl (2.5 feet tall with wing span of 5 feet.) I'm thinking, based on the sounds I've heard, and the sheer, massive size, plus prominent head, that it must be a Great Grey owl-- appearing almost white at night.

Dig the name? The extra big head? Gotta love the symbolism sync if nothing else!

We have a pair that seem to nest year 'round close to us somewhere. Also, all owls fly silently. Its a really cool adaptation for night hunting when prey can't see well or hear them coming.


yea - same had a few that just makes the sensible person - say hey - whats this -

forehead marks the spot
supposed tinnitus
ufo sightings
slight electrical shock pre warning mech tech built in
we either look an learn - or remain asleep.

I've seen it to know I aint crazy - I just think its all too important too be ignorant -

we are far from evolved as a human race - an if we as a race have the time again to mature we will be able to walk an talk after leaving our mothers 9 month comfort.

just like sharks awake an aware -

all the best

Ray said...

I've had WAY too many experiences with owls and I've been trying hard to figure it all out. I've had them swoop me, show up at weird times, be associated with me, even appearing to others I was having conversations with 200 miles away, mentioning on the phone "Uh, you're not going to believe this but I'm outside and there is a huge white owl just look at me from the top of this telephone pole." Might not be a big deal if it wasn't in a place where great snowy owls never say, southern California in the summer. They began coming around when I was very young and really have never stopped coming around. I still suffer abduction experiences and have had one as recently as last month, making quite a scene in the neighborhood with dogs "yelling" at the doors in the middle of the night. I few years ago, in the dead of winter, I was walking the dog, saw 3 HUGE lights in the sky and then my ears started ringing. I had another experience that night...not one I'd like to post in a public format.
Very strange stuff, that being said...I don't trust them.