Tuesday, January 15, 2013

audio interview on Skeptiko

I took part in an 82 minute long audio interview with this very accurate title:

(direct link to the podcast above)

One of the more impressive thinkers in the podcast realm is Alex Tsakiris (left), he is the host of an amazingly thoughtful site, Skeptiko. His overall focus is the mysteries of consciousness and he has interviewed some of the leading researchers and experts in this realm inquiry. You can hear it in his voice that he's searching for answers with an intense resolve that I understand well. His long list of guests include some personal heroes of mine, like Rupert Sheldrake, Jeffery Kripal and Dean Radin.

I was inspired to interview Grant Cameron after hearing him on Skeptiko. When I talked with Grant, I basically considered the Skeptiko podcast as the introduction to my own. When I posted the audio I sent Alex a note to give him a heads up. That started a back and forth set of emails, and we both ended up asking to interview each other. Alex asks much deeper questions than I do, so I suggested that he interview me.

The result is probably the most penetrating thing I've ever been involved with since putting myself out there.

I have to thank Alex for his unwavering dedication to the exploration of some of the more challenging ideas that confront any thoughtful person.

I cannot recommend the Skeptiko sight highly enough. The subject of his shows will only occasionally touch on the UFO phenomenon. He also explores topics like the Near Death Experience, parapsychology and extended human consciousness.

Also: There is a transcript of the entire interview! 


Red Pill Junkie said...

This was a really interesting 'mano a mano' between you & Alex, Mike! I really appreciate how he openly sought to challenge you & your viewpoints on the phenomenon, on how those ultimately translate into your personal POV about the biggies --"who am I?" "what am I doing here?" "is there a purpose to all this?" etc

BTW that anecdote about the entities explaining how God creates the Universe from moment to moment, that was when Facius Cardan invoked 3 sylphs; and yes, this is one of my favorite encounter episodes, because it alludes how observing is a sort of act of creation.

It's really refreshing to find someone willing to expand his or her intellectual horizons and go outside his comfort zone, like Alex is doing with his new interest in the UFO phenomenon. If only UFOlogists were willing to follow his example ;)

Michael Larkin said...

Hi Mike,

I enjoyed your discussion with Alex. I'm not generally into the UFO stuff, and I found it an interesting change. I'm hoping you might have a little time to drop by and join in the Skeptiko discussion, and plan to investigate your site a little further.

Patrick O'Leary said...

Hi Mike,
I enjoyed your interview with Alex. I was curious if you were familiar with the work of Paul Von Ward? I think his views are especially pertinent to your discussion with Alex. This is from his website, and I quote, "I use the term "advanced beings" or AB's to refer to all entities perceived by humans to be superior to themselves. It encompasses the ancient gods, their angels and devils, and also modern ET's. It includes gods who walked with Biblical heroes or took them into the heavens, and the invisible "voices" who spoke to Moses, Mohamed, Joseph Smith, and others. The term also refers to ethereal beings like those known as Seth and Pleiadians, and other messengers channeled by humans. It applies to spirit guides, ascended masters, and fields of consciousness tapped by people like Tesla, Steiner, Cayce, and Einstein.

I have just finished his book We've Never Been Alone and found it to be an extraordinarily lucid and well researched explanation for the experiences you and Alex were trying to describe. I am including a link to his website if you or others are interested in exploring his theories. Thanks for the work you are doing.

Patrick O'Leary said...

Sorry, I forgot the link.

Reece Sullivan said...


The interview was good. It spiked my interest . . . in you, your site, these alien/consciousness/whatever this is subject . . .

A couple times you started into an interpretation of sorts of what the alien experience meant and Alex seemed agitated with it . . . We, as listeners, see why in ways, but we also see - or so I thought - what you were initially driving at . . .

I think one such example was the mythology/story of the aliens representing us heading down the wrong technological/materialistic route . . . However true or untrue this is, it's certainly a useful lense through which to - at least momentarily - see the situation . . .

There seemed to be another such example.

Though, there was a point where Alex pressed the issue of what's been learned . . . and you said the part about listening to your heart . . . And I thought, "so true," and yet such a deviation from what we're normally seeking intellectually as far as "answers" go.

At any rate, it was a go interview, certainly.


Trish said...

Will be back to listen. It sounds intriguing.

tinyjunco said...

Hi Mike! first, excellent interview - let me just say i've been an avid listener to both of you for years now, and i feel like this talk brought out the best in both of you as well as developing new syntheses in both of your work. Great!

Have you read Vicar Lee's blog? He is also very interested in owls, with some pretty specific and illuminating ideas on what they mean/represent to those whom owls have chosen to cultivate....


Happy Saturday! steph

Gerald J. Gaura said...

Hi, great interview. As a transperonally-oriented psychotherapist, I'd have to say the dialog got really interesting when you tiptoed the bigger question of the proper entry point to engage the breath of narratives that converge on this topic. In my mind, this issue parallels the systemic function behind peak experiences, and one i attempt to address in my own blog. i hope if you get a chance you'll swing by and check it out


Take care and keep up the good work!

G. Gaura

Lucretia Heart said...

Very interesting interview Mike! Its always a different experience to listen to more meandering and exploratory interviews-- and this one gave all sorts of tantalizing hints at so many topics worthy of discussion! It reminded me of so many of our phone discussions.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have heard more of you in the interview, Mike! ;-) Alex Tsakiris seemed to do that old George Noory thang - cut right in to change or alter the subject, when the guest is saying something really interesting. Oh well...

~ Susan

Unknown said...

On hybrid children I new a guy that swore he was and upon reflection he did have alien looking eyes not as big as his mothers but larger than mine and the sloped the wrong way

Unknown said...
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