Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Stranger Within FULL movie now posted on-line

Barbara Eden has an unusual pregnancy 

This previously unavailable movie is now posted on youtube. This was downloaded in a high resolution, so it makes for better than average viewing.

I wrote a long essay exploring the weird and predictive themes in this made for TV movie, posted HERE. Accompanying PDF document HERE.


Anonymous said...

that's great! Thanks for the link. I will watch it. I hope they put a movie called "Something Evil" online soon. It is a 1972 Spielberg made for tv movie with Sandy Dennis and Darren McGavin that I saw as a kid that I still think about and I am 51! It really scared me...shivers

I am really enjoying this exploration into old films, I watched Night Slaves the other night and that was so interesting! I expected I would have felt it was cheesy and boring but no! It was compelling and so strange. huh. I actually just clicked on it to get the feeling of what it was and intended to turn it off but I got sucked in.

thanks Mike, your blog is really interesting and I really appreciate your interviewing style. so thoughtful and respectful, you have a real gift for making people fee at ease and having great conversations.

imascatterbrain said...

Cheese, thanks;
I just got the worst chills about seven notes into that music!
Was I nine? ten? eleven?
"CAPTCHA" wants me to add this -
"101 Scarifi"
to prove that I'm not a robot....