Thursday, July 19, 2012

silver screen saucers

A god? A gray alien? A more advanced version of us? 
Or Judas Iscariot?

Robbie Graham at Silver Screen Saucers just featured a link to my post from last December, THE EVOLUTIONARY TRIAD. I wrote a little intro to the piece for Robbie's site, and as weird as it may seem, it paints an accurate picture of what it was like writing that post. (see below)

This blog post had a life of its own. I started by simply comparing and contrasting 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY with PLANET OF THE APES, two movies I’ve always loved. It seemed like this would make for a tidy little essay. I mean, both movies are from 1968 and have astronauts and cool ape make-up, right? Well, as soon as I started writing, the floor dropped out from under me. I was suddenly seeing a flood of really strange synchronistic connections and it felt like the essay was writing itself. I am not exaggerating, it was as if some outside force was feeding me clue after clue.
What emerged was something entirely different to what I expected. I was struck by how this is very much a modern composition and how it needed to be on the web because of an almost frenetic use of imagery and hyperlinks.
After I posted it on my blog, I immediately experienced a weird set of synchronicities all intertwined with this essay. That confirmed that I had tapped into an elusive something. What that something might be, I have no idea...

About the image above:
In 1963 British Actor David McCallum stars in a mythic Outer Limits episode THE SIXTH FINGER. The character is the first human subject to step into a secret machine, and he emerges from a chamber with a much larger head and a sixth finger on each hand. He has evolved to a human future of Godlike powers.

Three years later David McCallum played the role of Judas Iscariot in THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. That movies seems intertwined with a slew of synchro-mystical connections that get explored in this post.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

David McCallum also plays
Joshua Hayward in "Feasibility Study" an episode of
"The Outer Limits" television show.

Opening narration:
" In a world where change is the rule, we rely on the unyielding constants in life for comfort and security, that the sun will rise, that the earth will turn, but what if we could no longer be certain of anything... To what then would we cling? "

" Sarah finds a badly disfigured alien, Adrielo, who tells her that her neighborhood has been grabbed and moved by another race of aliens. He shows her a way through the energy barrier to his own captured realm. He begs her to help him save his people. Meanwhile, her father Joshua also finds a way through the barrier and comes face-to-face with their captors, the Triunes, a slothful race who feel physical activity is beneath them. They explain matter-of-factly that Joshua, his daughter and the rest of the inhabitants of his neighbourhood have been taken as part of a feasibility study into the suitability of humans for slavery. If they are found able to survive the aliens' native environment, the rest of Earth's population will also be taken and enslaved.

Meanwhile, Sarah finds the rest of Adrielo's people. They are dying from a disease that is turning them to stone and she accidentally becomes infected. Joshua eventually finds her and she pleads with him not to touch her lest he also become infected. They both slip back through the energy barrier and return to their own neighborhood. Joshua explains the purpose of the energy barrier to the other residents, and they wonder what choice they have other than to serve the Triunes. Joshua explains the disease his daughter has been infected with, and suggests they deliberately infect themselves to save Earth from enslavement by the Triunes. After discussing it, Joshua convinces everyone to do so and they join hands in the church to sacrifice themselves and prove that humans are unsuitable as slaves. A flash-forward shows all the residents dead and reduced to stone statues."

Closing narration:
" For centuries philosophers and theologians have debated what it means to be human. Perhaps the answer has eluded us because it is so simple. To be human is to choose. "

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

McCallum also voices the character of
"Paradox" in the "War of the Worlds" and "Time Heals" episodes of
" Ben 10: Alien Force "
and Merlin Ambrosius in the
"Batman: The Brave and the Bold"
episode "Day of the Dark Knight!".
Which reminds me to go see
"The Dark Knight Rises" which has just started in cinemas.