Friday, July 6, 2012

Richard Dolan calls out Nick Pope on his role in the UFO research community

screen grab from an interesting youtube site

Okay, first note that number, 1234. When ever I see that, I am compelled to PAY ATTENTION. I want to follow up with this video blogger known as PLANET under ATTACK, I sense something going on with this guy, nothing nefarious mind you, but synchronicity is forcing me to pay attention.. More after I dig a little bit.

The video in question (below) involves some info about Nick Pope, and a bit of extremely even-handed editorializing by Richard Dolan.

There is an audio excerpt played by the vlogger from Richard's new Saturday evening radio show on the GRA network. Nick recently got some coverage in the British tabloids by implying that we should all be aware that the upcoming London Olympics could be the site of an alien invasion. He said this in the role of a former MoD officer who was spent time on UFO reports during his government service. Here's a LINK to an article on the MAIL-online.

Watch this video and expect a a visceral reaction

About Richard comments directed at Nick Pope. I listened to that show live while working at my desk, and I had pretty much the exact same reaction as the vlogger who crated this succinct little video. Sadly, the reaction involves vomiting.


Red Pill Junkie said...


So difficult to comment at this juncture. It seems like such a thoughtless move on behalf of Pope to ruin his position in the UFOlogy field in order to help SONY with their promotional campaigns.

It kind of remind me of Rene Dahinden's TV commercials when he was asked to promote a beer. They were made in light-hearted tone and everyone could judge them as Dahinden making a little money by not taking himself too seriously, but in no way harming Cryptozoology in general.

This on the other hand, is different.

Who knows, maybe Pope wants out of the UFO world. We all know this is not a field in which you can make a decent living easily. Maybe he's tired of doing the rounds in the conferences and the TV programs.


Mike Clelland! said...

(NOTE: this is from the same day as I posted this video)

Nick Pope made a series of comments on Richard Dolan's facebook page, he is commenting on the video that I've posted (above) on my site. He comments on the video (posted by PLANET UNDER ATTACK).
Nick Pope Writes

It’s unfortunate that serious commentators like Richard and yourself haven’t (yet) engaged on the war plan itself, because I think there’s an interesting debate to be had. Rather, the war plan has brought out the haters and the nut jobs, as YouTube videos like the one above demonstrate.

Nick follows up in a second comment:

To clarify the situation, to mark the release of the alien invasion-themed Sony PlayStation game Resistance: Burning Skies, Sony asked me to produce a war plan detailing how the British Government might respond to a real-life alien invasion...

Mike C asked:

Question to Nick below:

I just re-read the overtly fear laden June 7 article in the on-line DailyMAIL:


Please set me straight on this: You were promoting a game and this was how the Daily Mail chose to use your quotes? If so, that is pathetic on their part.

If it were me, I would have been screaming from the rooftops for an apology from the Daily Mail.

I did a quick google search for:

Nick Pope, UFO, rebuttal, denial, correction and nothing came up.

Question for Nick:

Did you in any way attempt to post a denial, rebuttal or correction for such a gross misrepresentation of your words?

Also - please don't lump me in with the nut-jobs and haters. My intentions are to better understand something that is extremely confusing.

Nick Pope Replied:

I’m quoted (and misquoted) in the media constantly, on a wide range of subjects. I don’t have time to watch all the TV interviews, read all the newspaper articles, etc. Accordingly, it’s been my longstanding policy not to re-engage with the media on any stories. In any case, you can’t get the genie back into the bottle. There’s an old saying in the UK media industry: “today's newspaper is tomorrow's fish and chip paper”.

Justin Boland said...

The UFOlogy field is a sandbox for military intelligence, though, so it's not like Dolan is doing too much better at keeping his hands clean. Nobody knows whose agenda they are serving in this particular play.

Anonymous said...

Nick Pope as disinfo? This is old news A quick google of the weasel will reveal this was all outed by crop circle debates last year. He's on record as lying about Govt interest in the matter.

Anonymous said...

You'd have to be out of your mind to trust anyone in the UFO field. The entire topic is a PsyOp minefield of counter-intelligence, speculation and disinfo.

Alfred Lehmberg said...


Ufologically Nike Pope is struck from my list of ufological principals, and relegated to the position of insentient hustler and annoyingly voiced _twat_.

Joe McGonagle said...

He said this in the role of a former MI6 officer who was focused the UFO during his government service.

Where did you get the idea that he was MI6?

See my post on UFO UpDates at for a better picture of his UFO desk role.

He also tries to push the idea that he had a super-sensitive security role before he left the MoD, when in fact his role was that of 'Clerk to the Police Committee' at his time of leaving, ensuring that there was a note-taker at committee meetings and that the water jugs were full.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Joe McGonagle:

I corrected the text in this post above. I changed MI6 to MoD and softened the verbiage about his role.

Mike C!

Unknown said...

I do not like Pope and sense he has come about I quit watching the ufo shows because he is on all of them I just think he has anything to offer just a paycheck to him as long as he keeps popping up on all these shows I will not watch which is such a shame as I loved all of these shows