Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mac Tonnies' blog, Posthuman Blues, is forever safe

Mac Tonnies

After Mac died one question everyone who knew him asked was this: What is going to happen to his blog? Nobody knew his password, so the fate of his blog was unknown.

There was a fellow going by CapnMarrrrk (Mark Platner) who was a regular commenter on Mac Tonnies’ blog, POST HUMAN BLUES, and he has saved Mac’s blog.

Thanks to Platner there is now a

Mark has been busy capturing Mac's Posthuman Blues blog in its entirety - yes, in its entirety. This is a beautiful act of dedication. Mac's work (and Mark's) now has a permanent and dedicated home, untouched by the hands of time (and the excrement of spam).

I actually attempted this at one point and I gave up, the effort seemed monumental. I am indebted to Mark Platner. Thank you, honestly and truly, thank you.

This is Mac Tonnies' Posthuman Blues Blog as it was captured shortly after his death. We hope future historians, the curious and his friends will read these words and Grok Mac in fullness.
- Capn Marrrrk Plattner via PostHuman Blues.com


Nick Redfern said...

That's excellent news!!!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Mr. Platner wins the Internet forever :)

Dave said...

Great too see that someone handled this.

There's a program called httrack that works great for archiving sites. So if anyone out there has a site in mind that they are worried might go 'poof' in the night - or if you just want to save an entire site so that you can view it offline, you might check it out. It's a free program.

There are a few ethical issues involved in such a thing, but anyone with half brain should be able to figure that out for themselves.

Greg said...

A great gift. Thanks Mark!! I am sure that Mac's parents will also be very happy about all of your hard work.

carlhopf said...

HTTrack or the wayback machine work well, but a monumental task..and congrats! I see no "ethical" dilemma, as the information was posted in public and all material is correctly attributed to the author.

dudivie said...

Thank u marrrrk and else