Monday, July 9, 2012

Veils Afire, a series created by contactees

the inaugural episode of the Veils Afire audio podcast

I've just found a series of on-line sites that are run by abductees where they openly explore the mysteries related to the UFO phenomenon.

Montalk is a beautifully designed site with a lot of information, from aliens to gnosis. This site is run by a fellow named Tom. The author has logged a long list of extremely tidy essays and reports exploring fringe topics. This site should be a clarion call to folks who want an on-line presence with their info. I am an art-director at heart, and I really respect the folks who do a nice job in their presentation.

Montalk has a youtube page linked HERE.

There is a free book download titled FRINGE KNOWLEDGE from Montalk.

This is a lucid primer on metaphysics, cosmology, human origins, alien agendas, the matrix control system, and how to spiritually empower ourselves. This book is filled with practical insights to assist budding truth-seekers on their path of awakening.

The content is available in a series of formats, including a free PDF, a word doc, a $2.99 kindle version and a bound paperback edition.

Another on-line resourse comes from a woman named Kerrie Reynalds. She ran a series of blogtalk podcasts called The Alien Agenda. Kerrie is also a self proclaimed lifelong abductee.

unknown light in the evening sky

Above is a screen grab from a video sky shot by Kerrie (linked HERE). of a curious light in the evening sky. This 3:45 long video was shot in the Southern horizon of Youngstown, Ohio in November of 2010. The video has a series of tidy text boxes that point out details that one would miss with just a cursory viewing. Once again, I need to praise the presentation of this information.

VEILS AFIRE audio lined HERE on this page 
(scroll down, it's there)

Both Tom and Kerrie have joined forces to create the podcast series, Veils Afire. I have yet to dig deeply into the content of this series, but (again) I am very impressed with the quality of their presentation. They both sound clear and their levels are balanced. (Kerry Cassidy, please take notice!)

Tom says something during the initial Veils Afire show (linked above in a youtube format) that got my attention:
Another thing that aliens engage in is the grooming of human mouthpieces for their agenda. And here I'm talking about certain abductees, certain contactees and even certain people who don't even know that they are abductees or contactees, but who have simply had their beliefs and their perceptions manipulated, massaged, since they were very young to turn them into pro-alien agenda vectors of this information.

From my perspective, this is a very real phenomenon. Is he insinuating that he's been unknowingly manipulated and he's vectoring this agenda by creating a web-site and podcast series? I ask that because I spend a lot of my waking hours wondering the same thing about myself.

I've added these sites to an ever growing list of first-person bloggers and podcasters who are sharing their abduction experiences on-line (linked HERE).


Anonymous said...

Interesting podcast in that the couple spends an awful lot of time talking about psychological reactions common to every day life within each individual on the planet. It’s as though they give no credit to humans for being just that, human. All has to be alien inspired and engineered. Yet the fellow does seem to have a sense for our not buying into our own psychological disconnects. I had a hard time with all that until I just realized that aliens are his gods and demons. It’s all about labels, isn’t it?

Where I can thoroughly agree with him is that if you give total focus to a phemonenon, it will become manifest in form, though the form is not relegated to human expectation which leaves us confused often as well as open to new thought, perhaps even growth.

It suggests to me that focus and belief are two distinct animals. Each should be entered into with the utmost care, maybe even adopting the positive in each and every case. If you get what you ask for, ask for the best.


Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Carol:

Yes - I agree on some of your points.

I suspect if we were to ask Tom about his sources of inspiration, he would probably say it was from multiple sources. Some might be divine, some might be alien influenced and some might be his own intuition (with a dash of plain ol' investigative research in there too).

I was also impressed that he articulated the good and the bad duality of the UFO lore. I liked that because a lot of researchers will ONLY dwell on one or the other.

Whatever is going on, i find Tom (and Kerrie) to have a really "voice" in all of this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, certainly they make interesting points and have experience to draw on that I don't share. Up to this point anyway! But my different experiences bring me to some of the same conclusions Tom has reached. It's good to hear the different perspectives for that alone.


Bright Garlick said...

Mike I have not yet heard the podcast but I want to speak to the point you and he make about being groomed. Once again the whole idea of an alien agenda is being presented. Can't people see that is a human projection - not a reality ! I have a real issue with the whole idea of being messaged for their agenda. Personally I have done a lot of deep psychological and spiritual work on myself because I understood that that was paramount to my development as a human being. I don't believe that came from an external source. I can see clearly in my own life that our otherworldly friends do allow us complete free will !

I think as human beings we are all on a spiritual path - whether we know it or not. Our choices come from us, though they may be influenced. Everything in our lives is an influence and a kind of conditioning. There is a kind of dare I use the ugly word, co-creation about what we do with every other thing on and off the planet. Manipulated implies we have no choice doesn't it ? Don't we have choice with every waking (and sleeping) moment ???? Maybe I'm not living on the planet I thought I was living on.

Anyway, I'm keen to hear these guys and if they have a unique voice that will add to the 'human experience' of the alien phenomenon.

PS. The ants in my kitchen are implementing their secret agenda - I gotta go deal with them before they take over ! ;-)

PSS. I really like the strange path that Hidden Experience is following. I never know what's going to be next !

Meghan M said...

This was one of the first sites I encountered when I was actively researching alien stuff (sorry - I don't have a better term for that). I don't know how useful it is to have all of that information though. It's interesting...

Damien said...

After listening to three episodes of Veils Afire (a wonderful name BTW), it just strikes me as a somewhat juvenile approach to the subject. There is an awful lot of stuff said that comes across as "this is what is happening and this is why." I'd like to know the scope and means of the "research" Mr. Montalk claims he does. Is it in the field? Or is it - as I suspect - armchair speculations based upon his opinions of others' writings which themselves are merely interpretations of the original author's experiences? It seems he is too quick to put together shaky - at best - interpretations of the phenomenon into a (I hate to say it) fundamentalist interpretation that has an answer for everything. "You were abducted by Insectoids? Well, the government signed a treaty with them and therefore...yada, yada, etc." For those of us who are really curious and sometimes shattered by the experiences we've had, I find this approach rather crude at best and offensive at worst.

At one point Mr. Montalk says - REALLY? - That on the day he was murdered JFK had a set of index cards in his breast pocket that revealed the truth of the alien agenda!! Seriously???

Damien said...

Sorry, I have to add another observation :) At about the 52-minute mark of "The Alien Presence" episode Mr. Montalk implies that Carla Turner - who was writing about the "Reptilian Agenda" at the time - was killed by the "Reptilians" in the early '90's through the use of Breast Cancer. What???? Why not shimmering beams of anti-matter? Why not a falling tree in a storm? Why not a deadly rift in Spacetime? And what evidence does he have that the "Reptilians" had anything to do with it at all?? He then goes on to imply Phil Schneider was murdered instead of committing suicide. Where does Montalk get this stuff?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Damien:

As I proceed forward in this messy and confusing topic, I have come to realize that nobody will match my own conclusions completely.

I know I say and write stuff that must annoy some (most?) people out there.

That said, if there is a dark force behind the death of Karla Turner, it would be entirely human. She was very vocal about the reality of MILABs. And, she smoked.

And - There is a researcher named Alexandra (Chica) Bruce who researched the death of Phil Schneider, and her conciliation is that he was murdered. I trust her.

As far as some of the nuttier stuff that Tom adds, I disagree with some of it, but most of it resonates deeply with me. I am much more cautious as to how I present my observations an research than Tom.

But - I feel I know enough about the use of language and the human role in all of this that I give a lot of open space for people to talk the way they wanna talk.

I would rather focus on the content rather than the messenger.

But - Tom has done an extremely thoughtful and tidy presentation. Again, some details don't jive with my gut, but most do...

Mike C!

Dave said...

I have fond memories of spending hours and hours surfing Tom's site during a particularly odd time in my life a few years ago.

It was summertime, and very very hot, just like it is now where I am. That site was like a little mysterious oasis for me. And I'm in agreement about the layout/design - it's great - very pleasing/easing to the eyeballs

I check from time to time to see the new stuff, but I didn't know he started a podcast. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I listened to all three of these podcasts this afternoon. I've read a lot of Tom's stuff over the last couple years and admit they are very interesting and well written--Better than most stuff out there.

It is obvious he is well read on these topics, but I wonder if perhaps he grants more power to the "aliens" than is necessary. The picture that's being painted in these podcasts (from what I understand) is that negative aliens are essentially reigning over us in every way and even have control over our thoughts, emotions, and just about everything else. They decieve us, sow discord, and are pretty much manipulating our reality. For the most part these entities are bad with a few good ones here and there that try to help when we are able to reach them by being positive in our outlook, but they are outnumbered.

To me this is too simple of a way to look at the phenomenon. It is likely far more complex than that. The ideas the podcast puts forth are also libel to drive a person crazy considering you would have to question whether or not every emotion or thought you have is genuine or coming from an alien intelligence that seeks to do them harm.

Mike Clelland! said...

Dan, I agree with your point.

I had a private email correspondence with Tom. I called him on a certain vibe, where he states things with a kind of certainty - where I would have said (very cautiously) "Well, I've seen this as pattern in the research, and it's an interesting avenue of speculation."

He said he takes that tone on purpose, and his reply seemed measured and reasonable.

Lucretia Heart said...

While I don't worry that my every thought and emotion comes from them, I HAVE noticed that they DO seem to push some agendas, often almost like a religious indoctrination thing. For instance, the incident where the higher up female greys told a roomful or fertile women we needed to "breed" and then turned invisible as if to say, "because look what WE can do?" And all the women were just pretty much going along with that.

In most cases, though, it seems like for decades they have been pushing an environmental agenda. Making us pay attention to global weather systems and natural disaster cycles, as well as what human pollution will do. Only now, years and years later, can we see why they may have been adamant about pointing that out. But how much power can they have if so few policies were over-turned in favor of preserving the Earth's biosphere? Obviously, the aliens are NOT in charge!

They try to push agendas, but I think their understanding of our psychology remains poor enough to make controlling us over the long term profoundly difficult.

happytobe said...

"...just as shaking an apple tree causes apples to fall down, shaking reality causes synchronicities to fall into place."

From Chapter 5 of "Fringe Knowledge for Beginners", by Montalk

Consider reading Montalk's book for "beginners," even if you don't consider yourself a beginner. Going back to the basics is a useful undertaking. This is true in all subject areas, fringe or otherwise.

Regarding comments about Tom and Kerrie's audio, suggesting too much attribution to alien influences: First, if that is their experience, then they are not overstating it. Secondly, thank goodness they ARE talking about it.