Thursday, June 7, 2012

very strange recorded phone message

What does "Call forwarding active" mean?

This is a short bit of audio I just heard on my cell phone while trying to make a call to a UFO close encounter witness. The person had a VERY close UFO sighting last year. I had a little free time so I thought I would check in with this witness.


Another odd thing, there was a strange display on my cell phone that said "FORWARDING" during this recorded message.

Am I breaking some kind of law? If I am, I can't for the life of me figure it out. The message seems totally absurd. Please note, I used a simple editing technique to alter the phone number to insure the anonymity of the witness. If this is illegal, someone needs to explain to me what is going on, because I'm mystified.

Follow up text added same day:

I listened to the audio message again at home (and not in a noisy airport) and I must conclude it is NOT a message from some arm of our government.

The weird thing was when I heard it the very first time (in the noisy airport) I hung up and at that very instant the phone rang with a message that my flight was delayed for mechanical reasons. And CNN was blaring this news about homeland security leaks. I shut off my computer (after posting the paragraphs and audio above) and it powered down at precisely 12:34 PM. Then the boarding zebra stripe on my ticket wouldn't scan as I tried to get past the attendant at the gate. All of this induced a sort of synchro-paranoia. Jeeesh - I felt like Will Smith in Enemy of the State.


Elle said...

WOW, that is seriiusly strange and eerie!

radio-jack said...

It doesn't seem legit to me....

Mike Clelland! said...

It seems phony to me, but why?

radio-jack said...

It seems someone is trying to send a message to you or the person you were calling possuibly some low level harrasment so you or the person you were calling knew they were being watched. As far as the call fowarding message it just means that the call was first redirected to a third party first. In my opinion the message was pre-recorded

radio-jack said...

one other possibility it's a pratical joke being played on you by the person you were calling

Red Pill Junkie said...

The voice sounded like a teenager, so if this is coming from Homeland Security or the NSA, then the terrorists have nothing to worry about.

IMO this was a prank.

But change your phone, just in case ;)

PS: Did some Googling. The Call Forwarding seems to be a normal feature.

"This means your calls are now being forwarded to your voicemail (or whever Divert is set to while busy) while you are on the call. It is normal that this comes up :)"

Anya said...

I think this might be a prank voicemail- considering this person is being tracked by the govt it makes sense to me that they might have a gallows type of humor about the whole thing! But interesting timing for all the other stuff around it.

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I suspect a prank of some sort.

It really made me paranoid, and part of me posting it right away (from my laptop right there in the SLC airport) was because I was so indignant about the implications.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Yes, it's indignant, but maybe instead of get used to it we should harness it.

I remember this talk Grant Morrison gave that was posted on Youtube. The man was drunker than a Cossack but he still manage to make a lot of sense ;)

Anyways since he's Brit he's talking about all the cameras infesting the streets of London, but he recommended that since The Man was so adamant to act like a pervie Voyeur with the citizens, that maybe the citizens should start acting like rockstars in front of the Paparazzi cameras. So all these government agents would start scratching their heads rather enviously thinking "Man, that guy is getting fucked... I wish I was" ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I agree with Anya.
I think whoever you were calling has just used this as a
'gallows type of humour' greeting.
Although don't be surprised if you are on a watch list after calling this person.
But I'm sure most of us bloggers here are already on some sort of watch list anyhow.
Nothing much has changed since Hoover's time accept maybe for the technology.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Briz,

If you've ever used the words 'pork', 'cloud', or 'Mexico', then they're watching you ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Were those words "PORK","CLOUD" and "MEXICO" ?
Doh !!!!!!!!!

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Trish said...

Weird. Totally weird. But then, there seem to be a lot of permutations of high strangeness when you get too close to the truth.

Claire Carton said...

Many episodes of high strangeness contain elements of the absurd and silly, as though their own implausibility is built into the experience. If you wished to create an experience for others in the wide open, but make it impossible for them to broadcast that experience, what is more clever than to build the experience in such a way that it is implausible, prank like, or laughable in some aspect, yet sinister or serious enough to the experiencer that they come off, in the reporting, as unbelievable?

All experiences of thir anomalous or fringe type have this deadman switch built into them, and frequently also beg the question why... To what end would this ever be happening. I believe that question is equally deceptive in construction since it makes a number of a priori assumptions which have little bearing on the phenomenal experience itself.

I would not be surprised if either this little mystery is either solved in some unprovable way, leaving it honestly as mysterious as before, or never explained at all. Do keep in mind keels phone troubles, and others, as well as guy de bord and the situationists.

Anonymous said...

Yikes Mike! I think it's likely a 'dark' joke by the person you're calling. But, in our post 9.11 America, where the Patriot Act is still in full force, it does give one least for a while.

~ Susan

Anonymous said...

While your experience probably doesn't have much to do with what I'm about to suggest, Mike, I do wonder if there isn't a personal component which may have added to the experience. More woo woo, I suppose, but who the heck knows?

A personal friend who was experiencing a mental breakdown used to call me and scream into her cell phone. Her phone would then make the strangest sounds before she was cut off completely. The phone would make its own screaming electronic sound or just make electronic noises I've never heard before or since.

I was left wondering if her mental state altered her own electromagnetic field which in turn caused a disruption to that of the phone. I know electrical equipment in my home do strange things when we hear of the death of a friend. During vivid my dreams a TV in my office will turn itself on.

None of my experiences are so nearly specific in strangeness as yours, but it still begs my question, I think.


happytobe said...

I have read government drafted court documents that essentially say: If you are reading this, you are on notice and subject to the prohibitions herein, the same as if you were personally served legal process.

I hear the same over-reaching quality in the phone message. Hoax or not, it is well crafted.

It doesn't make sense that your witness would be the source of the message, if they want to be taken seriously.

Thank you for posting the audio!