Monday, May 7, 2012

interview with Alejandro Rojas

Over the weekend I spoke with Alejandro Rojas for his podcast series UFO THINK TANK. This was a one-hour conversation where I shared some of my experiences with a focus on how they seem intertwined with synchronicities.

Audio interview linked HERE

I've met Alejandro a handful of times over the years at the annual Open Minds conference. We spoke at length for the first time on the phone last month, and we got to compare notes in our research. He was the media spokesman for MUFON, and he also worked for OPEN MINDS magazine and radio. He is a contributor to The Huffington Post writing articles about UFOs. He also runs the website UFO Daily News.

In this interview I shared a set of events that I've told before, and I came very close to declaring that I am a UFO abductee, but I held back because (as I've said before) it just didn't feel honest. This has been a source of anxiety for me, this NOT knowing. I feel like my experiences certainly point to this as a source, but I am just not certain.


Red Pill Junkie said...

In the interview when you retold the episode with the 5 spindly figures outside your window, you mentioned that they were walking toward the door in a very weird way, "almost as if they were dancing." Could you elaborate more on that?

Good interview :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

What I meant was that when I drew the initial sketches of the 5 entities, they looked like they were dancing. It looked awkward in my initial sketches, so I decided just to draw them standing in a line in the finalized illustration. So, It was a compromise because they just looked silly when I drew them walking.

But - my memory is that they were walking towards my home.

Craig said...

Thanks for sharing your fascinating story. I was looking to check out some of your illustrations (I'm a graphic designer) but haven't found them yet. A lot of interesting info available here.
All the best.

Diana Manister said...

Mike as always you were fascinating with Alejandro. I always like your synchronicity examples, but no one has polled non-abductees regarding their synchronicities. There may be as many or more people among meditators, artists, psychics and others whose synchronicity experiences are "off the charts." without a control population you can't make a convincing case.