Monday, April 16, 2012


Yesterday I spoke to a UFO researcher that I have been trying to connect with for over a year, no need to name this person here. I did some digging and I final found his contact information, then I just called him up on the phone. We spoke for well over an hour, and lots of our discussion had to do with murky secret stuff that the government might be involved with, we were speculating about some creepy conspiratorial stuff. After we hung up, I tried to send him an email, but my Mac mail program didn't work.

Here's what I did for well over an hour this morning. I spent al that time on the apple-care service-line following instructions from one of their (very patient) phone technicians. We were trying to figure out why my mail program wasn't working. It seems my password was no longer effective, and I needed to reconfigure several mail related programs with a new password. What a freakin' drag!

I talk about creepy secret stuff and my email program crashes.



Red Pill Junkie said...

Hopefully o_O

Then again...

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It wasn't Jordon Maxwell,was it?
I remember in one interview a few years ago how he said he had a call from what he thought was a G-man who told him that if he had a bigger following 'they' would have to do something about him.

But like you said,"no need to name this person here". I'm only speculating as to who it might be.

bawjames said...

What's oddest is that the password for your email is remotely-based; that is, whoever you have as your email host (ISP, Google, etc.) is where your password is interpreted and matched.

So that remote site is where the corruption must have occurred...

Strange coincidence indeed.

Trish said...

No such thing as coincidence, right?