Tuesday, February 28, 2012

odd event with NINE knocks

I just got home from a week long UFO conference in Arizona, and I need to share one story.

Each morning at eight, a group of people met for an hour in a rather bland room for a closed experiencer session moderated by the therapist Yvonne Smith. We met for five mornings in a row. This was run like a typical support group, picture an AA meeting with a bunch of nervous looking people all sitting in a circle. Some of the sessions were quite crowded, and one morning we had over 60 people in that circle!

On the final morning Yvonne asked the group if they had experienced anything odd at the conference, and (as I recall) four people raised their hands. Each person told of a curiously similar experience, they were awakened by a very loud pounding on either their door or window at night, and they woke the next morning to find an odd mark on either their arm or leg.

One woman told a story that I found especially strange. She was talking on her cell phone walking around her hotel room. She heard three extremely loud knocks on her door. She was understandably quite startled, and a moment later she heard three more. She waked up to the door and peered through the little peep-hole and nobody was there, just an empty view into the hall. As she was looking through the peep-hole there were three more loud knocks. This scared her and she backed away. The next morning she awoke to find a mark on her arm. I looked at the mark and it appeared to me to be an oddly shaped birthmark on her right wrist.

I asked her what she was thinking or doing in the moments right before this odd experience. She said she was a therapist and she was talking on her cell phone to one of her clients, an abductee. She added that it was very unusual to receive a call from this person.

I told her that this set of nine knocks was eerily similar to a story shared by Whitley Strieber in his book TRANSFORMATION.

I need to add that each person who added their story at this morning meeting were all adamant that the knocking was exceptionally loud. They all made a special point to describe the noise by pounding their fist into the air and exclaiming, "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" as they explained the intensity.

Please note, I had a very similar experience two years ago, in 2010.


Anonymous said...

It won't help at all, I'm sure, but when I was in denial of something going terribly wrong with a family member, I began to hear bumps which became knocks and eventually crashing sounds before becoming a last huge BOOM. At the time, I thought they were a form of encouragement, but upon looking back over the incidents, they were probably warnings to force my attention to the matter I'd been in denial about.

Calls for attention? Emphasis? If so, to what exactly?

Red Pill Junkie said...

3+3+3= 9

I think Anon is on the money.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I was watching the movie "Communion" the other day (which Whitley co-wrote and partly produced) and couldn't help noticing that when the "visitors" arrive at the house,there are three very pronounced beeps on the house alarm system,just like the knocks that are described here.
Interesting also that Masons use the three loud knocks in their initiation ceremonies.

Jaxx said...

Also similar to the nine knocks Jack Parsons heard during the Babalon working.

Trish said...

Hmm. We had an experience like this in the Dominica Republic:http://www.synchrosecrets.com/synchrosecrets/?p=223

Lucretia Heart said...

The only time I can recall hearing weird knocking sounds was the 3 very loud bangs on the window the night Ethan (and friends) showed up to take us to a meeting on a ship.

It was so loud it startled us awake and scared my husband and I to death. We thought the glass would break.

But only 3-- not 9.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Lucretia Heart:

I spoke to a fellow on the phone recently. I am going to be vague about some details because he wants to remain anonymous. He is a guy with a high amount of abduction events in his life. I consider him a friend.

He told of an experience in a fairly secluded cabin when he was 18 or 19 years old. He said that he was sleeping on a bed pushed up near a window, and a Bigfoot creature began pounding on the window. Many more than nine knocks.

He said that the pounding was so loud that he didn't understand why the window didn't break. When he told me the story, he was very descriptive and I got the sense that this experience was somehow orchestrated, and the window wasn't going to break, like maybe it was a theatrical projection of some sort.

He was also extremely terrified. (understandably)

I'll add that he said he knows what it feels like to be in the presence of aliens (the grays) and
he sensed the same feeling with this creature.

This knocking is an odd detail. It was interesting that both you and my friend commented that you thought the glass would break.