Friday, February 3, 2012

Mac Tonnies on C2C from 2009

Mac Tonnies

Three weeks before he died, Mac was a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He was a breath of fresh air on a radio show bogged down with the dubious. During his time on the air, he clearly and engagingly explained his take on a wide variety of subjects. As always, he spoke with remarkable clarity. The entire show (I think) is posted below.

one-click audio download HERE
one hour / 48 minutes

He was a welcome guest on a wide variety of esoteric podcasts, but his performance on C2C was particularly impressive. He beautifully conveys his insights to a very mainstream audience. He had a way of articulating EXACTLY what I felt in my bones. He said it better and clearer than I ever could. A great intro to anyone unfamiliar with his work. If you listen, you'll be treated to a remarkable set of ideas.

This show was aired the night of September 28th, 2009.

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